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    Need a new 5.1

    Wasn't sure on the proximity of your computer to your TV and how you'd got things setup. If your TV has an optical port then there are connectors out there that might allow you to connect your old system to the optical port on the TV instead. That would give you a better sound than connecting...
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    Far Cry Primal

    Was excited about the game when I first caught wind of it but I've been hearing more and more negatives. I've had to leave my gaming PC back home whilst I'm living over the other-side of the world otherwise I'd like to give it a try myself and make up my own mind.
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    Need 1TB Portable Hard Drive (No Power Ext. Source) below 5k

    If its a good reliable model then maybe just get the 2Tb, you get better value and you can store more. Personally I've been burned too many times in the past with hard drives failing and losing all my stuff. Photos and music are the most frustrating. It takes time to remember all your favourite...
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    confused over nvdia card or amd card

    Haha, no worries bud. I was a bit eager with my first post, shouldn't have jumped in. The Titan GTX and GTX970 are in completely different price brackets so my comment wasn't too useful. Looks like the GTX970 is highly rated and has more than descent specs for the money so would be a good choice.
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    confused over nvdia card or amd card

    Thanks Ricky for the forum welcome. I joined because I moved to India last year and thought this would be a good place to share knowledge. I have a desktop back in the states with a Titan X but unfortunately it couldn't make the trip so my brothers inherited it. Using a laptop these days. Was...
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    Need a new 5.1

    Does your TV have an optical port and does your PC support HDMI? Also, do you watch satellite/cable through your TV? Personally, if you have optical and HDMI capabilities and you'll use your TV to watch satellite/cable, i'd look for a 5.1 home theatre surround that also supports optical and...
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    confused over nvdia card or amd card

    I've got the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X, a little more expensive but worth the money and one of the best out there right now.
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