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  1. Choto Cheeta

    World's smallest burning apps

    Source => Choto Cheeta Online Its been like a monopoly for Ahead with their burning application NERO. It has almost become one of the must install application for many PC users since it comes bundled with almost all major DVD / CD burners !! However Nero is an expensive software and under...
  2. Choto Cheeta

    Candlelight blogging..

    What else can be done ? As the state is now fighting hard to cope up with the on going power crisis !! Dont ask why, as they always find some bizarre explanation for the power crisis, for example if its summer then rivers go dry and they cant boil water hence no power, where as in rainy...
  3. Choto Cheeta

    Singur to Sanand - Mamta to Modi

    Source -> Choto Cheeta Online There wont be a single man /women / child present in West Bengal or may be in India who doesn't know about the mess what is created in Singur on TATA Nano plant controversy. What is Singur ? Its an area comprising many villages. Its around 50km drive from...
  4. Choto Cheeta

    Windows 7 - Hardware performance a Quick look. (56k)

    Source -> Choto Cheeta Online Microsoft has just released the M3 built for Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista. The new OS is expected to enter the market by early 2010. As being a Microsoft MVP, I have been given the chance to test the OS first hand. So let us take a quick look at the...
  5. Choto Cheeta

    Convert your ordinary PC to a Media Center PC

    Source => Choto Cheeta Online As you walk in to any computer store or IT shop, you see they are displaying PCs with capability to watch and Record TV running Windows Media Center. You may wonder, do you need to pay for the full PC to obtain the Media Center functionality of the PC. Infact...
  6. Choto Cheeta

    WinVistaClub offering free subscription of paid antivirus

    Hey our friend Anand seems be offering free subscription by the way... http://www.winvistaclub.com/forum/winvistaclub-forum-announcements-feedback/17111-paid-version-squared-anti-malware-free.html
  7. Choto Cheeta

    Typos in Intel Web Site - E4700 with EM64T or without EM64T ??

    Source => Choto Cheeta Online As per my knowledge and as per product information of Intel, all core 2 duo processors support Intel EM64T architecture. It is also clearly mentioned in Intel Core 2 processors product information page. Where as in the Core 2 Duo model specification chart...
  8. Choto Cheeta

    Cheapest Internet Device - Free Internet via TATA CDMA phones ??

    Source -> Choto Cheeta Online TATA indicom is a major CDMA operator of India offering really cheap handset along with their connection allowing people to become mobile. One of the cheapest handset or mobile instrument they provide is Haier C2010 which retails at Rs. 700/- without any...
  9. Choto Cheeta

    Quick look at Lenovo 3000 N200

    Computer / Business (BBA / MBA) are the most prefer study stream at present in India, which makes it mandatory for students to think for their Personal Computer. Even in everyday life, we can see Internet is now playing a very vital role for managing our credit card bills, Internet banking...
  10. Choto Cheeta

    Quick Look at ABiT IP35-Pro

    Source => Choto Cheeta Online I guess many here has their own IP35-Pro, but still thought of sharing this and sorry for 15 image limit I had to delete few here to post it !!!
  11. Choto Cheeta

    Quick Look at 19" TFT vx1945wm

    Source >> Choto Cheeta Online Copy + Paste :)
  12. Choto Cheeta

    Quick Look at XFX nvidia 7150 Mobo for C2D supporting OC

    Source >> Choto Cheeta Online ctrl + p Unable to post all images due to the 15 image limit :( u may get the full picture review at the source url...
  13. Choto Cheeta

    DreamHost has done it again...

    Read More => http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2008/01/15/billing-issues/ Yes my account is charged 3 times :cry: which means USD 120 x 3 = USD 360 Any DreamHost customer here ??
  14. Choto Cheeta

    Intregate SP1 in Office 2007 installation source

    Source >> ChotoCheeta.com Microsoft have released the Service Pack 1 (SP1) for the Office 2007… Many users are asking me that, how can one integrate or rather slipstream the service pack on the installation source !!! With Microsoft Office 2007 slipstreaming or rather integrating the...
  15. Choto Cheeta

    An Simple Audio Output Multiplug

    Recently I went out for a little vacation, I took my ZUNE 30 with me… As I was with my cousin brother, and while on a long distance bus ride, seating beside him enjoying the zune, a question came to my mind… Why cant we both enjoy the same music or video ?? Infact there is a nifty little...
  16. Choto Cheeta

    Google Testing new ads format with scroll bar ??

    Seems that google may be testing new ad format with adsense program… I found few ads coming to my site and few sites where I was in, ads with scroll bar…. I took some screen shots, Hmm.. will it heart the Ad income or will it help the ad income… !!! never the less I am not making a good...
  17. Choto Cheeta

    TeraCopy - A local file transfer accelerator

    You have download managers, download accelerators, now you have a local file transfer accelerator, called TeraCopy… Which promises to speed up file transfer speed under you local Hard Drive… Click here to download TeraCopy The installation is straight forward… Once you install it, it...
  18. Choto Cheeta

    Please help me to select a Web CAM

    I am looking for a Web Cam model which I would be using under our cafes... I am replacing few older ones with Vista compatible ones... My needs are, Looking for as low k pixle as possible (may be bellow 300k pixle)Should have vista support and web site where I can download its driver...
  19. Choto Cheeta

    Typing mistake at NDTV.com

    One of the India’s finest news channel has a small typing mistake at its online new portal, NDTV.com, the exact URL is, http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtvcricket/cricketstory.aspx?id=SPOEN20070035180 where you can read, its said that Saurav Ganguly has scored 269 runs, where as in fact its 239...
  20. Choto Cheeta

    Quick look at Microsoft ZUNE 30GB

    After the initial scare from the Fedex I finally received my Microsoft ZUNE 30GB Video player… Lets take a quick look at the player and its functions…. Qucik Details about the Product The Product : Microsoft Zune 30GB Product URL : Zune 30 Technical Details : Zune 30 Tech Specs Price ...
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