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    Hdd buying

    I want to buy a 2tb hdd with 2 yrs warranty or more.please suggest me reliable models. Thanks in advance
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    Normal pc @ 20k

    Hi i am helping a perspn build his rig and he wants to use it for casual stuff and for learnin office and related courses as he has started working.Plz help me wit a rig which would last for 3 or more yrs. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going...
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    Please Suggest a Graphic card

    Hi all, I woulld like to purchase a graphics card and my budget would be 15 or 16k. I would like to play BF4,Hitman ,Gta 5 and please do suggest a nice card which would be suffiecient for upcoming games as well. I would buy locally in hyderabad. My config is I5 3570k Asrock Extreme...
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    Motherboard suggestion Plzz

    Hi everyone i am planning to build a pc and config is i5 3570k 2 tb hard disk 4x2 gskill ripjaws ram I am confused as cannot get gigabyte z77x ud3h board and plz suggest me a budget board asap price 10k or below gigabyte or asus
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    Samsung NP300V5A-A08IN Review Plz

    Hi i want to know this laptop dteails and review if anyone using this please tell me . Is it better or equal to HP Pavilion G6-2005AX .
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    Laptop 30k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? No preference but it should be future proof for 2 years and ive heard...
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    Suggest Laptop Below 30K Plzz

    Hi i am looking for a laptop below 30k. I would surf watch movies n hd movies sometimes as well ..will play some games too..Lookig at laptop wit windows in it. So please do suggest some nice laptops
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    Gaming Pc Build..Please Help

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Mafia 2,GTA 4,NFS,Batman,and latest games i would also be...
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    Gaming Pc Buying

    Hi Guys I just need a lil help as i want to assemble a gaming pc and wanna know whether i shld wait for ivy bridge or shld i go for sandy bridge as the pc peripherals prices are high now so shld i wait or go ahead with SB.Please help and thanks in advance
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    GAMING PC suggestions please.....

    Hi everyone im from Hyd and i wish to build a gaming pc and would like you all to please suggest me a nice config as my budget is 40k or 45k and wouldnt mind if it is slightly higher .I would use my pc for gaming and watching hd movies . I would be playing games like Mafia 2, Fifa 12...
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    Gaming pc

    Gaming PC Help needed .. Hi everyone im from hyderabad and wld like to build a gaming pc but confused to go for i5 2500k or amd cpus as donno which can be upgraded easily..So guys please do suggest me a nice gaming build which i can connect to my 32Lcd tv and budget is 40 to 5ok..Thanks in...
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