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    weird problem

    hi guys, my fren has dual OS. he has an AMD based PC. He has a cablenet connection with dishnet in thane. the problem is when he is pinging in win 98 SE, he is getting an answer but when he is pinging in win Xp home edition, he is not geting an answer. what could be the prob..its a brand new...
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    diff btw Pentium M and centrino

    hi, guys could anybody tell me the diff between Pentium M and Centrino technology in laptops..i would like to buy a laptop with the latest features and future safe capabilities.are Wipro lappy's good... rgds
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    Meaning of DVD component in

    Hi guys, could someone tell me the meaning of DVD component in and its usage in TV. tx rgds
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    open office query

    Hi guys, could somebody tell me if it is possible to update a previous version of open office.I hav an older ver which is 1.0.2 but i guess new ver have come. plz also let me know how to update.i will be using this for the first time. There is another prob. the reason am taking so much pain to...
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    samsung c230 vs nokia 6030

    dear all, Plz tell me which one amongst the two is superior. I am a nokia fan, so havent touched any other phone. if any of you have used any of the above phone, then give me ur feedback.. I hav to buy today so kindly tell me asap. rgds, kris
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    Is 6030 gud..

    hi, my 6610(the most trusted phone) conked out...so am looking for a new nokia phone.cud anybody tell me if they hav checked this phone out...my req is below 7k and with fm and a good color screen... tx
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    which boradband conextion is gud in mumbai

    Hi guys, after a long time am coming to this forum...I have just been shifted to mumbai from blore..I wanted an internet connection preferably broadband(256 or 128 or even 64)..i dont have any idea about which company is good etc..could any one of you tell me from your experience which...
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    INTELRECO.EXE trojan prob

    hi guys, well after formating i installed AVG AV for kicks.i was using AVAST.I was just surfing when out of blues this damn thing started giving probs.AVG picked it up and i deleted it.but again when i boot,after sometime it again comes back again.I del it again.why the hell it keeps popping...
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    best converter frm mp3 to all types

    hi, hey i wanted to convert some mp3 to diff formats.but to my dismay,this spelled a lot of troubles.i lost some .vxd etc files somehow.dont know how.i had to format and reinstall.my mouse,display,sound drivers stopped working properly for a while.man it was a hectic week(previous).so what i...
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    strange problem

    hi ter, well this started when suddenly elec went off..next time i boot.my mouse goes nutty and i dont get the pointer...i tried pluging in and off etc.nothing and ten i loaded the drivers of it and it worked..second prob is my display settings hav come back to 640*480,i try to slide it up to...
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    nero woes

    hi, well whenever i resume a multisession cd(moser,mercury,frontech),nero doesnt show the previously burned data on the cd.when it opens the window,the cd is blank..wat cud be the prob..nero software is upto date and recent versions are loaded..i hav even ticked to allow multisession but the...
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    win98 Se prob

    hi, i just downloaded and executed a .WMA to .mp3 converter.but while doing so it said,it has changed winasp.dll files..when i am booting,its showing Aspienum.vxd is not in system and has been deleted etc..wat to do.i searched my comp,the files not there..i checked via SFC but it shows no...
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    suggest some 56k modems

    hi. well my fren just called me that his vintron modem isint working becoz ter arent XP drivers for it.i dont know the model name.but i told him tat vintron cos sucks bad..i guess 56modems cost not more than 500/600.correct me if i am wrong..Do suggest me some names.. tx in advance..
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    OS problems

    hi, well my fren has just loaded XP.he had 98SE before.its ter in his c drive and xp is in d drive.now what happens is, 98SE doesnt detect cd rom..but in XP,all works fine...what cud be the problem..also tel me if he wanna keep only XP as a single os,how shud he go about deleting win98 all...
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    wat is 7in1 card reader?

    hi ter, could anyone tell me wat is a 7 in 1 card reader..wat purpose it solves.Is it a necessity....
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    can u tel which software

    Hi, I am looking for a software(which will help design houses or designs on a pc and make changes etc), for a friend of mine,who is an interior designer. I hav heard of CAD etc,but are they for interior design stuff or for engineering stuff.Plz name softwares which will be easy to master...
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    speaker problem

    hi ter, i hav a JBL pro speaker which came bundled with my compaq PC,which was bought 4yrs back..the prob is am not geting any sound in the right speaker..but am geting sound in the left one.its near to the monitor(left one),but hav never faced any prob though.but wen i touch the right one or...
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    strange prob!!!help req

    Hi, my fren just called me wit a prob which baffled me,so i am falling back on to you guys..he says tat wenever he boots the comp,after a certain period of time,ters a loud beep sound and the PC reboots suddenly..The PC just came from the service guys,but the prob remains.. he uses 98SE,800...
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    RAM query

    hi guys, i want to upgrade my ram.i hav ddr ram.cud u suggest names of RAM manufacturers,who give good quality,reliability..cud u giv names of shops in delhi:nehru place. tx
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    PC running slow.

    hi guys, my fren requested some help,his PC is running slow.he has win98se,64mbram.he downloads a lot.uses ff & ie.has avast anti virus.I guess tats enough abt his pc history.any more just ask.posting his hijackthis file.plz let me know any anamolies. Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan...
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