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    Suggest me a very reliable mobile insurance scheme in India

    Hey all, I have ordered 2 phones via amazon (moto g4+ & mi5) and expecting them in a day or two. The site also give me an option to select OnsiteGo mobile insurance, either with a screen protection or spills & drop protection coverage for 1 year. But, with few negative reviews on the above...
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    Advice needed: Buying new Samsung Galaxy S3 @ 29K without bill

    The local dealers quote a price of 33,500 rupees for SGS3 with bill & warranty. He also offered another box packet without bill & warranty for 29K. Is buying this phone risking warranty but on other end saving 4.5K advisable? Has anyone experienced any bad things with grey product of Samsung...
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    Advice needed: Best midrange Android ICS phone with 4.3 Inch+ Screen < 24K price

    Hi friends, please help me in buying an Android Smart phone with a maximum budget of 24K. Minimum Requirements: a) 4.3 Inch Display (Minimum) b) ICS 4.0 c) Dual Core d) Front Camera (Required - Minimum VGA) e) Rear Camera (Required - minimum 5MP) f) RAM 1GB (if not 768MB) g)...
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