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    Blue screen error after replacing CMOS battery

    I have two problems with my desktop. 1. CMOS battery down hence date and time reset every time after PC shutdown. 2. Display does not appear with beep sound. I have tried by cleaning RAM slot inserting again but doesn't worked. Then I replaced CMOS battery, second issue resolved but blue...
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    windows7 installation error,some harddisk problem

    hello friends, i am trying to install windows 7 from bootable usb pendrive but it break in between and gives me this error. "the file or directory c.windows.winsxs.x86_mdmmoto1.inf...is corrupt or unreadable.please run the chkdsk utility." As said in message,i tried to perform 'chkdsk c: /f'.it...
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    number of wrong pattern matching attempt error in android 2.3

    When i start my phone,i am getting number of pattern matching attempts error in android 2.3.I am trying to perform factory reset at starup. I got the recovery menu at startup by pressing volume - button but i am not getting Factory reset option over there. TEST ITEM TEST ALL CLEAR...
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    Windows 7 refusing to install due to a partition error during installation

    When I started my computer, it gave me this error: or As a solution, I started a new installation of Window 7 from a pen drive. It started but when I got to selecting the partition to install, it gives me this error:
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    software to create screenshot in GIF image format

    Hi all, i am searching for software to record screen for 4 to 5 seconds to create animated image in gif format. please suggest me free software for that. Thnks, RAHUL
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    Need website create link which type keyword in google and shows result?

    hi everyone, some time we are stuck with some problem and we post question for solution in forum.there some of the guys give answer by providing link to suggest search in google. when we open the link,it enters keyword in google searchbox and display result. i want to create such...
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