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    Internal Sata HDD to esata?

    I've got an internal SATA HDD, and i wanna connect it to my laptop which has an eSATA port. is there any way to connect them? can we get have any kinda cable for that? lemme know please...
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    Does HP DV5 laptop come with Vista DVD?

    I've just got my hands on the HP Pavilion DV5 laptop, its got Vista Home Premium pre-installed but there aren't any DVD's or even HP Drivers or softwares CD's, is that usual? or is my package seriously missing something? Reply ppl... my previous threads haven't recieved any replies yet...
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    Michael Jackson's next live performance "GROOVE IN THE GRAVE"

    Michael Jackson's next live performance : NEVER... Jeez...Mikey is DEAD!! Too soon n sudden !
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    PSP Slim n Lite Hacks?

    i'm planning to buy the PSP for my kid bro. the black one luks gorgeous, i duno bout de other colours, heard there r 9 of 'em. anyway, the problem is i cant afford to buy expensive UMD'S for every game. i heard there are some hacks for the PSP, linux n stuff, dunno much about it. is there any...
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    When is Samsung U700 gonna hit the Indian shores?

    "Read The Title plz", not in de mood to type my question again, feeling too sluggish u c... dont like typing a lot or repeating what i typed earlier, now dnt go on sayin at i cud've typed the question again instead of typin all dis...its 3.30 past midnight, n me awake frm the last 2 days, so u...
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    FS: 1GB DDR2 RAM- Only Genuine buyers reply please!

    Transcend 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR2 533 Mhz RAM For Sale Price: Rs 800/- Only Hyderabad Buyers Please.
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    Israel's Genocide.

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    Any Samsung C130 users here? or Suggest me a cheap Mobile.

    Suggest me a cheap and great Mobile. Hi.. I wanna buy a cheap mobile phone, as cheap as it can be, but not pathetic ones like Motofone F3 etc. It should be VERY BASIC in its features, i dont need any bells and whistles. i zeroed in on Samsung C130, but i wanted to know if it has a "Silent"...
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    Suggest a phone for my Great Grandmother!

    Hi folks.. Now this is some real test. i've gotta choose a mobile for my Great Grandmother, she's around 97 yrs young. she can barely hear, n has her eyesight gettin dimmer by the minute. she's head over heels on the iphone, but i conviced her that it doesn't really suit her. she zeroed in on...
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    SE W810i minus the Phone! Suggest its price.

    Well, regarding the peculiar title. actually, i wanna dispose of my unfaithful SE W810i. wots unique about it is that it isnt a phone now. i mean, there is a network problem with it, and phone calls cannot be made on it as of now. everything else is fine, like the MP3 player, cam, radio etc...
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    FS: W810i minus the Phone!

    Well, regarding the peculiar title. actually, i wanna dispose of my unfaithful SE W810i. wots unique about it is that it isnt a phone now. i mean, there is a network problem with it, and phone calls cannot be made on it as of now. everything else is fine, like the MP3 player, cam, radio etc...
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    Rare Snowfall in Baghdad !!

    Just cudnt belive when temperatures steeped down to a '-4c' in Saudi Arabia, when now therz news that there was Snowfall in Baghdad..in about 100 years..Thee World's changing, for the better i hope!! http://cbs2chicago.com/national/Baghdad.snow.weather.2.627727.html...
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    Temperaturez "-4c" in Saudi Arabia !!!

    Yo...Unbelievable, the temperature is steeping as low as -4c in a place like Saudi Arabia, considered to be stark desert n a hot location. it witnesses one of the highest temperatres in the world during summer season. n now the temp takes a jaw-dropping plunge! its the first time in such...
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    Is buying an unlocked iphone with the latest firmware wise?

    i'm in dire need of the iphone. is it safe enuff to buy an unlocked version here in india? or if i ask sum1 to get it frm US n get it unlocked here will it get unlocked even after being revised with the lastest firmware?as i heard they've blocked the unlocking stuff too. n how much will it...
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    PowerDVD problem..Please help!! Aaaahh!!

    i've got this strange problem. i've been using Powerdvd from the past 5yrs, n until now, i've encuntered this wierd problem when double clicking any video file, ( dat, vob etc) its not getting played in powerdvd. powerdvd just gets started but the movie duznt play. then i've had to choose the...
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    I bought a Nokia 5610 ...!!

    Yo Guyz.... I just gotcha 5610 Xpress Music Phone. well, n here r my initial impressions, if it could help any one of u. Pros: -Nice n glossy looking phone, same form factor as a W810i, a bit slimmer though. -Nice light in the music slider n around the navi d-pad. -Slide Mechanism...
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    Urgent: Dell XPS M1330 or XPS M1530?

    i've chosen these two lappies. the Dell XPS M1330 and the Dell XPS M1530. one a 13.3" n other a 15.4". basically i need a laptop which i can occasionally carry n shudnt be much of a pain. like i shud b able to squeeze with n use it comforatbly in a car, or any other situation like dat. Now that...
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    Frontech ecam vs Branded webcams ?

    hi i 'm on a hunt for webcams. well..u guys might well know what do we look or in a webcam we want.. i jus checked out he frontech e-cam, its dirt-cheap at 800 bucks and the image and video quality is amazing for its price. i wanted to knw if Logitech or Microsoft webcams are better than the...
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    Ur Dream Mobile Phone......

    If ever u guyz dreamed of a cellphone crammed with features, drop dead luks, ground breakin design n wot nots.....wot wud it be like?!!? herez mine...n a lot practical too...its possible! formfactor undecided, slider or just touch screen oriented keypad.... 3" VGA 16million display...
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    How to know the secret answer of ur current yahoo id?

    how can we find out the secret anser of our current yahoo id we r using? any idea guys...? thanx ....
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