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    How can i hack CDMA fone to GSM?

    I plannin to buy one Virgin Mobile (CDMA) but its cheap and good. But i think after some months/year .. I'll probably want to switch to other.. so is there a way to hack the phone (CDMA) into GSM?;-)
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    I want to buy a perfomance Laptop

    I need to buy a one laptop for home use. I need fast and good graphics, as i am a casual gamer. I sorted out between HP DV9700 and HP DV6903tx. Plz help me guys.. My budget is arnd 60K.
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    Which is the best Broadband Connection/Plan in Delhi?

    I need a new broadband connection but am confuse to chose from those floating Ads by different service provider. please help me to chose the best plan/provider in delhi. My requirement are: 1. I want to download lots of things from docs. to mp3:cool: . Unlimited/large Bandwidth. 2. Speed sud be...
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    What do you expect most from XP SP3?

    There are lots of fuss about XP Service Pack3, and we really dont know when it will release. So lets make a guess or expect the technology/anythin new from the up-comming SP3. So, what do you expect most or you want to include in SP3?:idea:
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    Share the best websites which many people doesn't know

    Jot down some of the websites that you think its useful and wish to share with others. Or Any sites worth visiting.:idea:
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    How to due new/edit Partition

    How to DO New/Edit Partition : i brought a new DELL laptop from Malaysia, running Vista Home Basic. But i got only one partition C:/ (180 GB)! I want to make more partion (D,E & F). I can't install or use Magic Partition 8.0, it is not compitible with Vista (atlease it say so). Also please tell...
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    Small video size in WMP11

    I recently installed WMP11 from Digit's DVD. When i play video on WMP11, the screen is small even after i selected 200 size (Videos are not in full size). I have 19" Viewsonic, but due to this problem, I am being force to watch videos in 15" size (or less). Is there any thing to tweek or install...
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    Where get i get Digit's Fast Track on Registry?

    Please tell me where can i get the Fast track on Windows Registry, I lost mine and i dont know where to get it. And anyone knows where can i get more information about registry or tweeking?
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    Can't find hidden files

    I hide some files in my comp. (D and E Drives) but after some days when i tried to open them by using "Folder Option". It doesn't show them! When i do the "Show hidden files and folders" under Folder option. It automatically on "Do not show...", it still there no matter how many times i undo...
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