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    Keyboard does not work sometimes-Need help

    Hi, I am facing this problem for some time with my keyboard. When I start my PC,sometimes the keyboard does not start. I have always observed in the past that when I start my PC the 3 leds on my keyboard are lit for some time till PC starts but now none of these leds work and keyboard...
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    Get hard-copy of your Gmail emails for FREE from Google!!!

    Hi friends, check out this new give away service from GOOGLE. http://mail.google.com/mail/help/paper/more.html Google claims that the service is FREE but do check its "Tems of USe" link below the page
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    .PDF help

    I printed this .pdf file using Cute PDF writer Please help me to avoid printing that address of the file. Thank you.
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    Convert BBcode to HTML

    Before I start with the tutorial,please try to copy the below text in green and paste it into any webpage(not forums) as it is,i.e,preserving the font size and color. Could you? Ever wanted to copy a post from a forum to your blog? But the output was just simple text? Now copy the forum...
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    TV tuner card for recoeding programs!

    Hello people, Please suggest me which TV tuner card should I purchase. My purpose is to record some TV shows. Quality of picture matters to me. Please suggest the brand/company name and price, and if possible some extra information like warranty period and place to buy it! Thank you...
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    HELP:I want my windows to look this way

    I want that gold-orange color for the bars and black backgrouds and white text. How can it be done? __________ Please wait guyz,I think I am able to do it myself after some googling! If needed,I will tell you guyz again. Thank you!
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    Can I get BSNL internet connection?

    I live in Thane and I have a landline of MTNL. Is it possible to get BSNL internet connection?
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    Can Trojan Horses be removed ?

    Hello people, I want to know if this throjan Horse can be removed or not? I am posting a screenshot of the Avast!Antivirus Home 4.7 log. Avsst could not delete it. I then put it in Recycle Bin,where again it warned.Now I pressed the Delete button and it went off. Am I safe now?
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    Megupload toolbar query

    Hello people, I want to know if it is advisable to have installed megaupload toolbar on IE6. I do not use IE,but only when want to get the link.After getiing the link,I copy the link adress and paste it in Opera. I use Avast Home Edition 4.7 build 892 which is updated daily.It does not warn...
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    Is it possible to install OS on more tha 1 PCs?

    Hello people, I want to know if I can Install windows XP on PCs on my LAN without actually installing it individually on every PC. or Should I install it individually on each PC and then connect them through LAN to the local server? Thank you people!
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    GIF images with controls?

    Hello guys, I want to make GIF images with controls,i.e,can I have a play/pause/rewind/forward control in my GIF images ? If yes, then which software should I use? If no, Is this possible using Flash ? Please suggest me. Thank you people!
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    Windowws Vista 1.4 MB (can that be true!)

    I found this on a forum and I just want to ask : 1) Is this legal 2)Can it be true ort some trick to install trojan/virus on PC! To me looks like some malware containing piece! PS:Moderators,I dont know if this this post violates the rules of your forum.I am sorry if it does!
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    Defragging {query}

    Hello guys, I want to know if I need to back-up my drives, or files, or anyother thing before I start defragging. The total volume of data on my hard disk is less than 35 GB.How much time will it require for the process.I am using Windows XP professional Pentium 4; 2.6GHz 256 MB...
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    Preserving bookmarks while upgrading Opera

    Beware! Follow this method only when you have no bookmarks in your newer Opera,or else you will lose them. IF you have any bookmarks(in newer one),then follow the Method2 Method 1 Before you start installing higher version of Opera,open the older version of Opera and go to Help>About Opera...
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    Remove the Fading of title bar in XP

    Query solved.Thank You Mr.Vishal,and others. The reason I cud not get that earlier was that I cud not type in 'hex' in that box.But after notepad method,I got it.Also I did not have to logg off to see the effect! Heloo guys, I want to know if and how can i remove the fading effect of the title...
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