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    6-ft cobra pops out of toilet

    how to get safe from all these .. how can one prevent of these to happen .. ??
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    Reliance launches Nokia & HTC phone with Zero Plan Rental (EMI Offer)

    there is nothing new in this as just like commercial tie ups keep going on to be benefited with of both the ends of such joint ventures
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    Lumia 520 : Discussion thread

    i am too going good with the phone for a while and without any issue yet .. Nokia Rocks !
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    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Re: Mobile Reference Guide: January 2012 just an ask from me .. within the range of the 10-15k, i am finding the Lenovo 820 the best choice .. what would you sat on it .. shud i go for it ?
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    The Windows Mobile Thread

    Re: The Windows Phone Thread windows phones are sound options to go with and no that bad as has been advertised about them, why, now the time, i am thinking of buying one soon probably a month after .. so any good suggestions are appreciated by me
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    By Demand [January 2014]

    Java Tutorials
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    HTC and Nokia Enter Patent Agreement, Ending All Litigation

    if it is coming to any good then why not we shud welcome the agreement as in turn it is going to benefit us
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    Indian-born Satya Nadella might be Microsoft's new CEO

    congrats ! .. it will help in projecting Indian born computer engineers as pioneers more strongly on the computing globe
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    GTA V coming soon!! Finally :D

    yeah i am waiting ..
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    Best android games you have played.

    i have played many and each was good to me to play with .. hard to decide why not posting any wishlist
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    Nokia lumia 525 launched at Rs 10,399 and 1320 at 23,999

    i am too getting many good responses of these models from Nokia and looking forwards to these ...
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    At 1.4Mbps, India has the slowest average Internet speed in Asia Pacific: Akamai

    hi all .. this is my very post to the board and looking forward for more by the process .. hope i am invited and ur due supports is always there
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