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  1. nitish_mythology

    Shell---- Window Manger Dilemma

    What is the difference between a shell and a window manager like ratpoison? what makes bash a 'shell' but ratpoison a 'window manager' ??
  2. nitish_mythology

    SCJP - Failure(vouchers)

    Attempted SCJP(SUN CERTIFIED JAVA PROGRAMMER) today... Had to get 47 questions out of 72 right to pass... N I got 46.... So I fail...... [:(] SOme bad luck n' lack of dedication from my side.... I would like to know...can I give he exam again or I have to re-register?? Will the cost...
  3. nitish_mythology

    Strange Internet Problem in Vector Linux!

    I have been facing a strange problem in Vector Linux... I can connect and surf net..but sometimes even after i connect(using pppoe-start), m not able to surf!! ifconfig shows all the three interfaces lo,eth0 and pppoe0 running! I reboot into windows and the net is working!!! Then if I...
  4. nitish_mythology

    Spilled tea on Laptop!!

    I have a five year old compaq laptop. By my sheer carelessness...I spilled hot tea on the keyboard!! The laptop refused to work for some time...but after it was perfectly dried...it started working well.. The only problem m facing is with the keys... they are hard (perhaps due to tea) less...
  5. nitish_mythology

    Panel Disappearing in Zenwalk.

    Yestarday after a power cut at my place, I turned off my lappy and booted into my Zenwalk installation (Xfce) after an hour or so. I was surprised to see the panel n dock disappearing.. Tried to crearte a new panel, by going It refused to work!! I was clicking on the panel manager and...
  6. nitish_mythology

    For the First Time -- Compiling from Source

    I have always been using repos n its my first time I am trying to compile from source....So need help! I am tryng to compile the pidgin plugin pack. Know the basic steps Here is the output from the terminal... after running the conf script
  7. nitish_mythology

    Strange Problem wth N72!

    I had a mp3 track sent to my N72 from my friend's N73,I received it as a sms from bluetooth whn I tried saving it on my memory card it gave an error . I faced the same problem while saving other tracks from a N91. Its gives me this Error--- I have sufficinet memory free in phone as...
  8. nitish_mythology

    URGENT HELP REQUIRED--Delhi Waalon help!!

    I need to fill the Delhi University form.. As I belong to Uttarakhand with no close friends in Delhi,moreover I cant download the form from the website n fill it! There is no such facility! THE LAST DATE IS 16th JUNE The form is worth Rs.30 , not much but quite a bit when you are spending it...
  9. nitish_mythology

    Executing Class File in Ubuntu!

    I am coding in JCreator(Windows) and now I want to execute the class file in Linux.. Dont know exactly if I have jdk or jre insatlled.. Here is the output of java -version This is what i did to execute the java ByteCode Do i need to secify path?? I am already working in the...
  10. nitish_mythology

    Feedback on LPU(Lovely Professional University)

    Well as it has turned out to be... i have not done well in any Enterance exam, gt 9000+ in SRM,11000+ in Manipal n 40000+ in VIT. Now I have got some backup option LPU (Lovely Professional University Jalandhar) Dad says he can get me there :) Anyone from punjab can guide me about it...
  11. nitish_mythology

    Problem Installing FC7

    Getting cheap Silan Ethernet card working on Ubuntu 7 I tried installing FC7 from the Digit DVD (July 2007) Everything was running fine n then after the 'starting anaconda' n X-Server came up.........I got these Errors.. I m bad at Linux..So just manually copied the Errors I have FC6...
  12. nitish_mythology

    Website Copying Content!!!!

    I wrote a book almost two years back on Java.. The book was submitted by me in the Digit Magazine n it was included in the DVD. Few days back I was surfing the net and found tht my entire book has been copied n posted in a website.. Link http://www.365x24live.com/java/j1.html They have...
  13. nitish_mythology

    Career: Mercahnt Navy

    Hey guys.. Can anybody inform me about the deadlines fr submitting the forms of various Merchant Navy institutes. I dont hv much info and dont hv any councellors around!
  14. nitish_mythology

    Strange Ipod..

    I have a 30gb video ipod. MOst of my collection is tagged...BUt the ipod shows a blank entry under artist n if I click on it I am moved to the album directory where I can see a limited number of albums.. Its dng no harm but I want to know the reason?
  15. nitish_mythology

    AnyOne participating in the INFORMATICS OLYMPIAD!

    Hey guys Is anyone participating in the Indian Informatics Olympiad...Its a competition where students from class VIII to class XII can participate.. The first round contains ques to test your logic...I found them really touch nt what a class VIII boy can easily attemp. By the way I m in...
  16. nitish_mythology

    Unable to Access hi5 account

    I recently changed the pass of my hi5 account.. No when ever I login..hi5 reports the pass to b incorrect! The old pass is obiously nt working I tried the frgt pass feature ,hi5 reports tht mail was successfully sent to my email id but I hv nt received any mails. Help me Pls. This Id is...
  17. nitish_mythology

    Strange Behaviour of VCD.........

    Hi everyone,I hv a strange problem to share with all of the members of this forum.. My father copied a vcd(promotional vcd of a medicine) from his friend,this vcd contains 3 tracks. He played it on his lappy and the disc was fine,he again played it on my vcd player(aiwa) and it was wrking...
  18. nitish_mythology

    Get 30gb Mailbox!

    Register on this site and get a free 30gb e-mail account! http://30gigs.com/
  19. nitish_mythology

    I love open source but..........

    Hey,I am myself a biggest fan of open source philosophy....... Someone asked me a question, I was confused! Suppose if comp like Microsoft,Adobe,Symntec etc are replaced by Open Source softwares........ How wll thousands of programmer earn their piece of bread?
  20. nitish_mythology

    Its Really funny

    This is a festival gift for all members......... Read this and hv a Diwali blast English in hindi: Have a nice day! ----- * Achcha din lo! What's up? ----- *Uppar kya hai? You're kidding! ----- *Tum bachche bana rahe ho! Don't kid me! ----- * Mujhe bachcha mat banaao! Yo...
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