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  1. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] SONY PS4 SLIM & 6 GAMES

    Want to sell my Sony PS4 slim 500gb which i had purchased in may 2019 . Warranty has expired but i will provide a weeks testing warranty and take it back if there is some issue . I have hardly played 4-5 games on it and recently using it just as a streaming device for netflix and prime video ...
  2. rohan_mhtr

    [Want to Buy] Graphics card around 10k

    Need a graphics card . Max budget is Rs10k . Open from reasonable offers .
  3. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Xfx hd7700

    Expected Price (Rs):2900 Purchase Date:October 2013 Remaining Warranty Period:None Reason for Sale:Upgrade Shipping from:Navi Mumbai Payment Options...
  4. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Samsung 3D BLU RAY Player with Smart TV features + Free Blu Ray movie disks

    Selling on behalf of my cousin . ( For Local buyers only ) Description : For sale is Samsung 3D Blu Ray player BD-E5500 with Smart TV features which lets you install smart apps like Facebook , youtube , twitter , games etc on your normal TV . Can become a media player by connecting USB-HDD ...
  5. rohan_mhtr

    Never buying a SONY phone again !

    Hi friends , after much waiting and saving my hard earned money i had finally purchased the SONY Xperia Z three months ago . The main reason for buying the phone was its Sexy looks , glass body which as mentioned by sony is DURABLE and water resistant . Before that i had the Samsung galaxy...
  6. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] PS3 slim 320gb + Move bundle + 4 free ps3 games

    Available for sale is my ps3 slim 320gb version : CECH 3008b , updated to latest firmware . Product contains : PS3 , 1 wireless controller , Scart cable , Remote charging cable , original box ( all accessories that came in the box ) . Move bundle contains 1 wireless motion controller and a...
  7. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Android phone : LG OPTIMUS BLACK

    For sale is my year old LG optimus black in good condition . I have rooted it and installed a custom rom ( Zeus v6 ) . If buyers need the original firmware then i can provide that too . Purchase date : 11-8-2011 Warranty remaining : None ( Local buyers can check the phone before buying or i...
  8. rohan_mhtr

    My new Swiss Beauty , D'signer Chronograph watch

    My new Swiss Beauty , D'signer Chronograph watch , I am having some trouble uploading the pics ! ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/441/44545906.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/109/62845389.jpg/
  9. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Altec lansing vs4121 2.1 Speakers

    For sale are my ~1.7 year old Altec Lansing Vs4121 2.1 speakers . I think these are one of the best speakers in sub 3k category . Earlier i had purchased altec lansing octane 7 vs4621 but i did not liked them and so went and replaced them with the VS4121 within 2 days and i was glad that i did...
  10. rohan_mhtr

    Best desktop speakers @ Rs 5000-6000

    My 2 year old Altec Lancing Vs4121 gave up on me and so now i am looking for new set of speakers . There are many threads created for this issue but i couldnt get a proper answer . First of all i should feel an upgrade over my Vs4121 . My priority is music > movies > gaming . At this...
  11. rohan_mhtr

    Got my first car !

    My 7 year old two wheeler TVS victor GL was giving me a lot of headache and hence i decided it was time to get a new set of wheels . My office was in mumbai central from last 1.5 years and i always used the fastest mode of transpot to reach there i.e the mumbai locals . But last year in june...
  12. rohan_mhtr

    Why am i getting free Airtel GPRS ?

    I generally use airtel gprs for checking emails , updating status , news etc . Browsing using Airtel Live was reducing my balance fast . So someone told me about 2GB Rs 100 Mobile office plan . I paid Rs 100 and got that plan .Called customer care and asked them to send me settings for mobile...
  13. rohan_mhtr

    blue screen of death . now cant install windows 7

    yesterday i started my pc and to my surprise while booting windows showed me the blue screen error and then restarted again to take to startup repair screen which showed the error boot configuration corrupt . i was able to boot in safe mode from where i backed up my files on othere drives and...
  14. rohan_mhtr

    2.1 speakers for around 5k :)

    For a year i have been using altec lansing VS4121 which i will be selling soon . Currently i dont have any knowledge regarding audio equipments .Got 5k extra with me so please suggest good 2.1 speakers for my pc . Will be using onboard sound . Preferences are music > movies > games .
  15. rohan_mhtr

    Usb portable 80gb Hard disk

    Selling my western digital usb portable 80 gb hard disk . Purchased it on 12-12-09 . Warranty : none , since i have lost the bill . I will provide testing warranty as per buyers wish ! Condition : excellent , working fine . Reason for sale : Need higher capicity disk ! Expected price : Rs1000
  16. rohan_mhtr

    Thermalright ultra 120 extreme +Scythe 120 mm fan

    For sale is my CPU cooler : Thermalright ultra 120 extreme and Scythe 120 mm S-Flex fan Purchased it last year in march o overclock my core 2 duo . Achived good results with this cooler but now i am no more into overclocking and hence selling this cooler . Package contains Cpu cooler , 120mm...
  17. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] PSU /SMPS : Cooler master 500w

    For sale is my SMPS/psu Cooler master 500w extreme power + , This PSU is from the + series which supports protections like active pfc , ovp , opp ,scp etc and not from the extreme power series which reported to blow . Model name : rs-500-pcar-a3 Date of purchase is 27-9-9 Warranty remaining ...
  18. rohan_mhtr

    New Thread for a new phone 11-14.5k budget

    I know there are many similar threads before but their requirements are different and so i am creating this new thread . I am selling my ipod touch and also my samsung wave 533 . I was first looking to buy ipod touch 32gb but , now i have decided to buy a better phone instead of carrying 2...
  19. rohan_mhtr

    IPOD Touch 8gb

    For sale is my ipod touch 2g 8GB . I had purchased this beauty last year in march and until now i have faced no issue . I have updated and jailbreaked iOS 4.0. Its in very good condition , the back has some scratches which all ipods have . Package includes Ipod Touch 2g 8gb , original box ...
  20. rohan_mhtr

    Cheap Graphics card

    Friends , i need a second hand pci-e graphics card to watch HD content on my 23' monitor . I wont be gaming so any cheap card will do . It would be nice if it has a DVI output . Budget is ~Rs1000 . Mention your offers .
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