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  1. alexanderthegreat

    Happy Birthday to hari_sanker_r! (and others too! Really!)

    Bechare hari ke liye koi Happy budday thread nahi bana raha tha. I thought I'd better do it! :D :D :D So:- Happy birthday to A.R.Anilkumar, vrslvrs, rajpalsingh, moca, kari24, SyedSuhailahmed6233, sedhuait, nazaninnn, hari_sanker_r. Enjoy the day, guys! May your ammunition last long and...
  2. alexanderthegreat

    Congress website infected by a virus.

    I just trotted off to congress's website (I DON'T support the Congress!) :D. When I clicked the Feedback link at the bottom of the page, I got this:- Looks like another victim of the new JS:Redirector-G virus. I had only heard of it before! So, are they planning on infecting all of the...
  3. alexanderthegreat

    Management Student Ragged, Beaten, Blinded

    :x Did all this HAVE to surface while I've got only half a year of class XII left??? WHY can't seniors leave people alone??? With devils like these, who needs terrorists? :sad: Poor guy, he'll probably lose his eyesight just after he gets a job.
  4. alexanderthegreat

    The Homework Thread

    There wasn't one so I thought I ought to create this. Anyhow, use this thread to post any homework (or even otherwise) question you've got... Think it's a downright outrageously idiotic idea? No problem... ignore this stuff and let this thread die. Someone please answer a problem in maths...
  5. alexanderthegreat

    Gandhi memorabilia owner wants auctioned items back

    Here's the report:- I also heard on some news channel that he is doing this because Gandhiji's belongings are being used in politics in India. It's all dirty politics being practised by our government! I feel that he is right in what he's trying to do.
  6. alexanderthegreat

    Are conventional careers losing popularity and scope?

    Hey all! I have noticed that the students in Classes X, XI and XII are showing a tendency to ditch engineering in order to pursue other non-conventional career lines. Most of my classmates (Class XI) confess that they will not even try to appear in JEE or AIEEE or any other engineering...
  7. alexanderthegreat

    Joke: Guidelines for posting on this forum.

    CAUTION:This is just a joke for light reading (But sadly, this is the unspoken truth!). The real rules are the exact opposite of the guidelines posted below. The poster recommends people follow the real rules (Link in signature). <satire> Guidelines for posting on this forum, and for...
  8. alexanderthegreat

    Visual C++ 2008 installation error 1603

    Visual C++ 2008 installation fails. Error code: 1603. I recieve an error when I try to install Visual C++ 2008( from Feb 2009 Digit DVD). The error code is stated to be 1603. Now the problem: The installation stops as soon as it starts the first step (Runtime Pre-requisites). I recieve an...
  9. alexanderthegreat

    Anyone tried Alternate Reality Gaming yet?

    This month's (February) digit reported a genre of games known as Alternate Reality Gaming. Well? Has anyone tried it yet? I tried my hands on ARGNet but I can't seem to understand whatever the heck is it all about! Does someone here play any ARG too? Currently I'm trying to make some sense out...
  10. alexanderthegreat

    Pakistan bows to coercive diplomacy, accepts blame.

    Finally, pakistan has responded officially to the dossier full of evidence it had recieved from India. This is the report:-
  11. alexanderthegreat

    Urban Terror 4.1 installer doesn't work.

    Problem: Urban Terror 4.1 installer doesn't work. The Urban Terror 4.1 installer provided in the digit Dec 2008 By Demand DVD doesn't work. When launched, it slows down the system with no visual feedback whatsoever. When I run Task Manager, I see the installation processes sitting there frozen...
  12. alexanderthegreat

    Any online chess players here?

    I recently joined chess.com and gameknot.com. Tried searching for some TDF members... found none. Is anyone from Digit forum also a member of the abovesaid websites? If yes, lets play chess... here's my id: creepyghost.
  13. alexanderthegreat

    Happy birthday to ob1, biztiger, nitish2253, TheVictor, amxcs and ME!!!

    WARNING: The below might sound highly self-centered and idiotic! Come on! I need more Birthday wishes to beat the world record! Happy birthday to all the others who share my birthday too, by the way. Also, a very happy birthday to Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose :D.
  14. alexanderthegreat

    America's Army 3 Officially Announced

    Finally, after so many leaks, rumours and broken necks later, the U.S. Army has announced the game America's Army 3 officially. Here is the full article: Reservations are currently on for the game accounts. This game has a lot to live up to. Oh, and someone please reqest this for the mag DVD...
  15. alexanderthegreat

    Does ReadyBoost affect the life of the flash memory?

    I've bought a new USB Flash drive. I wanted to use it for Vista's ReadyBoost feature. Now, before buying I had read this wikipedia article on ReadyBoost. It said there that a microsoft official(Tom Archer to be precise) had said that ReadyBoost won't wear out the flash drive and that the...
  16. alexanderthegreat

    Forum Game:Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Here is another Forum Game and this one is sheer fun! (Thanks for rajkumar_pb and mrintech for recommending this one) In this game, one posts a stupid question. The second poster posts an equally stupid answer(Use of humour highly recommended) and then, posts his/her own stupid question...
  17. alexanderthegreat

    Forum Game: Three word story

    Well, rajkumar_pb asked me to hurry up with a forum game. So here is one he likes(or he said he likes). If mods have any problem with this, let me know or delete/move this. This is a very common forum game:- Three Word story:- Rules- one person starts a story with three words and then...
  18. alexanderthegreat

    Thread games, anyone?

    I've been on this forum for more than two years and never have I seen a thread game here. I guess people know what a thread game is. Newbies read on:- A thread game is a text based multiplayer game played quite commonly on forums. One person writes something which others reply to and put...
  19. alexanderthegreat

    America's Army 2.8.4

    I just noticed it! America's Army 2.8.4 has been released! Its got new training missions and more ES2 maps. The MOUT McKenna also uses ES2 technology now! It also features a new but faulty Deploy Client system(recently turned optional, thank God!). Oh, and, Here's the link to their forums to...
  20. alexanderthegreat

    Whats up with Skoar! ?!?

    Skoar! hasn't been published for about 5-6 months now! I heard they got into a piracy-related legal issue. I used to like skoar's attitude, it really was the best damn mag in the world! It was even better than digit! Does anyone know actually what happenedout there? The skoar! forums have got no...
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