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  1. go_gamez

    FS :Gainward 6660gt AGP Golden Sample edition 128MBDD3

    works in perfect condition(only the fan makes a bit of noise) Its the golden sample edition so overclocks to 540\1000+ from the stock 500\900 clock speeds. it comes with DVI to VGA converter and all the VIVO(video in video out) cables also have the box and cds that came with it.. has a...
  2. go_gamez

    Lg Studio Works 700e 17 " Crt Monitor For Sale -

    i have a 17 " LG CRT monitor ..in perfectly..good condition.... used for : 2 years Warranty left : 1 year Reason for sale : looking forward to a LCD monitor expected price : heard the market price is around 4.9-5 k ... dropping the price to 2.6k last and final.. buyers...from mumbai preferred...
  3. go_gamez

    MTNL Triband presents World class PC games..

    though..i am not a MTNL..triband user..i ve got some new..for other.MTNL.triband users.. GAMES ON DEMAND !! Unlimited access to world class computer games at monthly subscriptions .0f - 1>RS. 300 for premium pack :pack of high end super premium games 2>RS. 150 for casual pack :pack of...
  4. go_gamez

    Windows vista PRE-RC 1 build 5536 Released for public.

    Windows vista Pre-RC1 the 5536 build has been released for public... limited downloads ! Windows Vista pre-RC 1 - English Edition http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/prerc1/en/download.html i think..i am the first person to bring..the good news..on digit forums !! so thank..me and enjoy !!
  5. go_gamez

    Windows vista beta 2 5536 released -Pre-RC 1 release .

    Windows Vista Build 5536 Released To Testers !!! Windows Vista Buld 5536 (vista_5536.16385.060821-1900_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_EN_DVD.iso) was released to Microsoft beta testers, on the Microsoft Connect website. Notice x86 only the windows vista build 5536 has released and is...
  6. go_gamez

    creating divX Player compatiable dvd ?

    i have some...old original..dvds and vcds..of some of my fav. movies like rocky 1-4( r getting old )....and all...Which ..i want to convert to divX format so that i can..play them..on my dvd player..which says that it supports divX..but i have never tried..and divx cd/dvd..till now....so i want...
  7. go_gamez

    what exactly is a RAID hard disk ?

    what exactly is RAID HDD. does it refer only to the HDD..or to the filesystem ? till now i have only seen the most commonly used FAT32. and NTFS file systems..but have only heard of RAID. it always makes me wonder what it is ? is RAID faster than FAT32 and NTFS HDD ?? then why isn't it used...
  8. go_gamez

    a look at my dream machine -It's a Beast !!

    i know..alienware has been talked about...and reviewed...many a times in digit forums...but still i cant stay away...from Alienware...and i dunno why many..of them curse..it and...say its not that..good...whatever it is ! for me..its something...like a dream...so here is one config i just came...
  9. go_gamez

    can an image mounted by any software be booted ?

    does any image mounting software..also support booting ?? like DAEMON TOOLS , POWER ISO ..ALCOHOL 120 %.. IF yes how is it done?? has any one done this before ?
  10. go_gamez

    gfx card upgrade..related..queries..

    my current config is Mobo- HIS 845-GVML..with an 4X AGP slot... p4 2.4 ghz. 1 mb l2 cache 512 mb ddr ram 80 gb PATA HDD and a crap MX-4000 ...i have decided..to upgrade...my gfx card..and i want to get the following info : ( as i am buying a second hand card..due to money...
  11. go_gamez

    need help in buying...a sound card for 845 -HE !!

    one of my friend has a bit old pc..with P4 1.6 ghz and a 845 -HE Intel original motherbard...recently..he found that his onboard sound is not working properly..and so he has planned to buy a new PCI soundcard...but is unaware of whcih card to buy...he doesnt want a very expensive...and hi-fi 5.1...
  12. go_gamez

    which one is better -system mechanic pro.6 or tune up utilities ?

    i have currently both ...system mechanic pro 6..and tune up utlities 2006 installed on my pc... from past 3 months i am using system mechnic pro 6...and i find it really...worth.. just today i installed...tune up utilities 2006...after hearing about it by many people.... so i wanna know which...
  13. go_gamez

    prince of persia: warriors within -installation error 0x80040707

    i had played prince of persia..the two thrones on my..pc i like it a lot...and so gave a thought of playing ..the older warriors within...i got a 3 disc set...of the game when i start installing the game...after disk 1 ..it asks for disk..2 when i insert disk 2 ..setup continues for some...
  14. go_gamez

    beautiful icons...how to appply them...as default..

    i have downloaded some very beautiful icon packages which were in zip format... when i extracted them there were all ...*.ico files..and some png files which i think r for preview.. now the problem is the style xp 3.18 tht i m using only ..lets u apply icon packages ie. (*.iconset ,*.iconzip...
  15. go_gamez

    review:XFX 7950 GX2- too hot to handle..

    XFX 7950 GX2 - price : Rs. 39,990 INTRODUCTION All and all the past year has probably been one of the most technologically significant years in the history of the graphics industry. We realize this is a rather bold statement, but think about it! We've seen graphics cards go from a standard...
  16. go_gamez

    can some one estimate the price of this PC ?

    i know ive posted a similar thread ..in another section ..but no ones replyin there so i thought this must be the right section .. i have the pc with the following config : iwant all u people ..to tell me what will the total value of a brand new pc with this config and also ..its resale...
  17. go_gamez

    can some one estimate the price of my pc ?

    i have the pc with the following config : iwant all u people ..to tell me what will the total value of a brand new pc with this config and also ..its resale value if i sell it to some close friend ,relative or any other person but not in some computer shop..even a cybercafe will do !! do...
  18. go_gamez

    vista..-media centre problem..

    i installed vista beta 2 a day ago..and then had a amazing experience..with all its features...then i even used media centre(expect the tv function )..all music ..dvd play back on media centre etc.. then after i updated my geforce mx 4000 driver to..the new forceware.8.1...something...from the...
  19. go_gamez

    for all peole having vista beta 2 ultimate..

    i had installed vista beta 2 ultimate 5384.4 ..using a key i got from some one else..but after installation i can not activate because the key has been used more than 10 times..so i need someone who can share there vista keys with me.it shud be beta 2 ultimate ..there must be someone who must...
  20. go_gamez

    unable to setup sify broadband connection in vista..

    i have a sify broadband connection..and i want to use it in oreder to register windows vista..but i am not getting it how to set up the connection in vista beta 2 5384.4 , so please can some one tell me how to do it ? first i need to setup the lan connection by entering the TCP IP,subnet mask...
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