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  1. anzaan

    Which is your preferred media player?

    Winamp for audio MPCstar player for videos
  2. anzaan

    Marry an Indian, Shiv Sena tells Sania

    i think she should play for India as she is still an INDIAN. she may also hold Pakistani citizenship but tats a different matter. m sure an indian can hold dual citizenship. as far as shiv sena comment is concerned... they shldnt lecture anyone about being an Indian as they r the most...
  3. anzaan

    IE8 - compatibility view

    any kinda file. i stored some of my pics(.jpeg). i dnt knw wen does it gets stored under 'compatibility view' and wen not. i gt the logic of making older sites compatible with IE8. bt this storing of data under 'compatibility view' i cant get??
  4. anzaan

    simple programming question.

    thanks.. always welcome..
  5. anzaan

    simple programming question.

    why there are so many data types and why limitation of range y so many datatypes? it is required to define the kind of data u r storing in memory. requried bcoz wen u want to perform some kind of operartion on tat data (eg. addtion or division) u shld knw if tat memory location has integer...
  6. anzaan

    IE8 - compatibility view

    Hi ppl i just cant understand the "compatibility view" feature IE8. when i save a file, it sometimes gets saved as "compatibilty view" n m nt able to view it under normal mode. i just dnt understand the need of this view.. can someone throw more light on this idea of "compatibility view"???
  7. anzaan

    Is IE 8 safe to install?

    make sure u hv XP with SP2 bfr installing IE8. go thru the minimum requirements in IE8 website bfr installing it. BTW IE8 is awesome . mch better than any of the earlier versions. m using it on windows7 and the experience has been more than satisfying so far. try it for sure..
  8. anzaan

    windows xp startup very very slow..

    use CCleaner to clean up registry entries of old n deletd programs. also mk sure u have enough space in ur C drive. i dnt knw hw mch of RAM u r using, bt shuldnt b less than 512MB also dnt keep many programs in startup. u can remove those using CCleaner. esp browsers they eat up lot of ram.
  9. anzaan

    orkut and gmail doesnt opens!!!

    wat the fck....!! i hope this is proper english.... moron.. ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- thanks rest of u guys fr ur help. i jst stopped usng orkut n gmail for few days. nw .....its running fine.
  10. anzaan

    orkut and gmail doesnt opens!!!

    i also called up my ISP ppl. they culdnt help. they said thy r nt blockng sites. i chkd on google n some ppl had the same problem. a few have suggested refreshng dns server. it tried tat too, it ddnt work fr me. also, i realized only those particular sites m nt able to access nw, which i had...
  11. anzaan

    orkut and gmail doesnt opens!!!

    i chckd thr. the sites are nt mentioned there...
  12. anzaan

    orkut and gmail doesnt opens!!!

    hi guys.. i have this problem and i hv tried searchng in google for references bt no help. I am using hathway connctn in bangalore and am not able to open orkut and gmail.com i chckd my firewall and its off and m nt blckng any sites. gmail opens sometimes so does orkut but most of the times...
  13. anzaan

    hi,, i read ur post abt monitor menu appearing prblm. hv u gt it solved??

    hi,, i read ur post abt monitor menu appearing prblm. hv u gt it solved??
  14. anzaan

    Problem with monitor(or is it a software one)

    I have the same problem. my monitor is HCL. model: HCM780M i guess , this issue is with lots of HCL monitors. well.. i tried to DEGUASS the monitor and it wokrd fine for a while. bt it apperaed again. so i degaussed it agin. it doesnt appears so frequently nw. To degauss your monitor, open...
  15. anzaan

    PC takes 9 minutes to start...

    then most prbbly u hv too much uwanted expired entries in registry. n also keep less applications in start up. dwnlod ccleaner. run registry fix n remove unwanted applications frm start up finally scan ur system
  16. anzaan

    keboard light on n not working!!

    actually i already opened my keybrd n cleaned it. chckd all the 3 wires were nt brkn n plugged. bt stl the same prblm. r u sure the reason culd b bcoz some keys r stck? nway wl try tat... thnk fr ur reply.
  17. anzaan

    keboard light on n not working!!

    hi ppl... i hv an i-ball ps2 keyboard. recently my mobo gt crashed n hd to change it along wt processor. nw i hv amd sempron processor 3100. when i start my pc, all the 3 lights on the keybrd glows and the keyboard doest wrks. i tried the keyboard in diffrnt pc bt same problem. howevr othr...
  18. anzaan

    avi file not playing

    hey this in not regad to ur poblm.. i jst wanted to knw ur download speed in limewie since m using one too. mine is around 30KBps. wats urs? n do u shae files??
  19. anzaan

    BSOD.. machine chec exception... frequent restart... failt to restart

    yeah.. m gettng a new mothrbrd. i culdnt get an 64bit AMD proceesor(same as mine). they say its nt available nymr. so gettng an INTEL nw. wll post back wen i gt the system bck. nway i knw its "blue scre....." . tat ws a typing mistk. yup we cleaned the system. bt i thnk there is a major...
  20. anzaan

    BSOD.. machine chec exception... frequent restart... failt to restart

    hi ppl.. my system is going thru a really bad phase. i hv an AMD 64 bit processr bougt in 2005. 512 mb RAM i gt BSOD(blank screen of death) wit the machine_check_exception also my system restarts frequently also sometimes it simply refuses to start before a few try. there was a short...
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