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  1. spynic

    PCB Etching

    hey can some1 pls give a detailed process of PCB etching. i hav no clue on how its done... but it makes circuits less complicated..
  2. spynic

    PSU Fan Mod

    hi ppl... was kinda bord yest, coz of d rains so i tot ill do a lil TP wid my spare iBall PSU..(400W) addin some leds to the rear fan.. ill share the procedure to do it.. n ye.. DO IT AT UR OWN RISK!:D so here it is. Things required 1. Spare PSU ;). 2. 4 Led's. 3. Soldering Iron. 4. a...
  3. spynic

    Max Threshold temp for GPU

    wts the max threshold temp for a GPU im runnin a 8600GT i hit a max of 84C today
  4. spynic

    nvidia driver help

    ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing. For further details, please see the section INSTALLING THE NVIDIA DRIVER in the README available on the Linux driver download page at www.nvidia.com. wt do i...
  5. spynic

    wer do i get thermal adhesive??

    wer do i get thermal adhesive?? preferably mumbai... may be 3M or artic silver ne1?
  6. spynic

    how much can i get for this?

    Pentium D 2.66GHz (6months used--2 1/2 yr warranty left) Intel D945GNT mobo (6moths used-- 2 1/2 yr warranty left) 1 GB Kingston DDR2 Ram 677Mhz (new 1or3yr warranty or wt evr u get wid new 1) HDD 80GB seagate SATA-II (NEW 5yr warranty-- coz i wanna keep my ol 1) LG DVD RW (new --warranty 1...
  7. spynic


    hey guys wer can i get a real small digital wattmeter.. somethin like the pic.. im frm mumbai.. n ne idea hw much it costs? its a part of my case mod project... so i need to get somethin like this in, to c hw much power my rig is gonna suck..
  8. spynic

    IE Prob

    lately i been havin this prob wid internet explorer.. whenever i go to save a picture.. the file name comes as "untitled" n not as the original filename, as well as it gives me an option to save as .bmp only.. ne idea y? __________ found d solution! http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810978
  9. spynic

    "Electronic" question

    hey guys.. im workin on a case mod.. so needed some electronic help.. i needed help on creating a momentary switch for operating a 12V circuit.. probably using some logic gates or some IC's.. needs to be like a latch.. on pressin once=turns on, pressin again=turns off.. and so on.. i found...
  10. spynic

    DSL 502T Problem

    hey guys has ne1 succeeded configuring an http server with a DSL 502T router?? i hav tried my best.. cudnt get the port mapped.. i can only access the config site of the router,, tru external ip.. coz thts mapped by default.. i tried changin
  11. spynic

    Task Manager Prob.

    i had a spyware on my pc(got it removed).. it disabled my task manager,, as in,, wen i right click on my taskbar, the task manager option is frozen.. ne idea how to get it back?
  12. spynic

    Hardware Monitor

    does any 1 know bout ne hardware monitoring software for linux.. somethin tht displays temp/RPM.. n stuff.. i tried computertemp http://computertemp.berlios.de/screenshots.php but it doesnt seem to work under FC6.. lemme know if there r ne widget/desklet kinda stuff
  13. spynic

    160GB HDD - 2200k?

    hey guys ne1 intrested in gettin a 160GB,7500rpm UltraATA HDD for 2400?? its used for 1 yr.. n another 4 yrs of warrany left.. i cant use it as i've upgraded my motherboard, so it doesnt support ATA HDD.. only sata.. n i need to get a sata.. lemme kno.
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