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  1. Satissh S

    Redhat will go bust because of Ubuntu??

    So feels Free Software Magazine's editor, Tony Mobily. In the editorial of the issue 13 of Free Software Magazine, he predicts ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth to spelll the demise of Redhat. Direct link to the Article. Found the news at slashdot. Please guys, i know almost all of us like one or...
  2. Satissh S

    [Official] Dell has Aquired Alienware.

    Just surfing through extremetech and found this news.. Hope this hasn't been posted b4 a search gave no results .. so posting.. 1 day old though! Continue reading at www.pcmag.com
  3. Satissh S

    [Attention!!] Ubuntu users.. critical security notice!!

    No this aint that Ubuntu bug no 1 joke.. :P Thanks to gnurag for the info, there seems to be a CRITICAL bug in the ubuntu installer of 5.10 breezy related to passwd and sudo.. According to the, Ubuntu Security Notice USN-262-1 March 12, 2006 Source...
  4. Satissh S

    Use nitro-sources for blazing fast computing... :P

    Statutory Warning : Nitro is exciting but if mis-used is very injurious to your systems health.. ;) Get more oomph out of that GNU\linux.. box of yours. Fed up with your oldn slow fc4-smp-kernel-2.16..? time for a shift don't you think?? ;) Get-In nitro sources.. a very high performance...
  5. Satissh S

    [Screenshots] XGL ROCKS bigtime WOW!! :D

    I tried out the novell xgl in my gentoo 2005.0 build today. Emerge Xorg-X11 7.0 and then xgl. Now i'am running GNOME with compwiz Window manager and it seriously rocks!! :D :shocked: Screenshots Here are a few screenies, 8) 1. Here i have enabled opacity translucency in gconf editor and...
  6. Satissh S

    [References] Master Linux Command Reference

    Master Linux Command Reference Ok, You've installed linux, Gr8! Here is a free cookie. But learning and using linux will be meaningfull with the knowledge of the following ESSENTIAL *nix commands and their PRACTICAL applications.IMHO Here are a few commands which we'll be using typically...
  7. Satissh S

    My blood boils on reading these haloween documents..

    Read the Haloween documents of Microsoft and it's Sucking policies against linux and open source revealed by esr In the last week of October 1998, a confidential Microsoft memorandum on Redmond's strategy against Linux and Open Source software was leaked to me by a source who shall remain...
  8. Satissh S

    Microsoft Tried to Recruit ESR -- Joke of the Year..

    Microsoft tried to recruit ESR ( Eric S Raymond ) The great Open Source hacker and his reply to their mail.. Read at his blog.. continue reading.. :lol: :P :lol:
  9. Satissh S

    How to create an Installer For my GNU System

    Hi! I've been working on an Linux From Scratch OS for sometime now. It has been optimised for P4 i686 Processors and i'am already very fond of it. It has all multimedia capabilities , player , browsers , Mailers etc., as well as a few development tools such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Anjuta, Mono...
  10. Satissh S

    Failed to Open /dev/rtc : Resource Busy Mplayer Fatal :(

    Detected operating system: Linux Detected host architecture: i386 Checking for cc version ... 3.3.4, ok Checking for host cc ... cc Checking for CPU vendor ... GenuineIntel (15:3:4) Checking for CPU type ... Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz Checking for GCC & CPU optimization abilities...
  11. Satissh S

    Popular Linux Games!

    Linux need not be only about coding, cli and shell scripting stuff! ;) In this thread, Lets add a list of linux games that we enjoyed playing, :) I Enjoyed playing, 1. LBreakout 2. Frozenbubble 3. Foobillard 4. Tuxracer 5. Supertux 6. Flightgear 7. Canonsmash 8. TORCS 9. Kdegames 10...
  12. Satissh S

    Ubuntu --- Bug No 1 :-)

    Well.. Here is a humorous bug, at Launchpad, All you FOSS fanatics out there, take OATH to rectify this bug, TODAY! BUG No1 (Launchpad) :) ;)
  13. Satissh S

    Monitor can't display graphics!

    Hello! I have a 17 inchsamsung sync master 753s monitor, Yesterday the monitor suddenly started to display some kinda distortions and now the monitor itself couldn't display or run the GUI. I have a leadtek GeForce 6800 GT and i'am currently using my TV to boot. I have Ubuntu Breezy badger...
  14. Satissh S

    Unbending the Truth: Novell Vs MS or Redhat and MS

    Two pieces of news that made me think.. Unbending the truth:- 1. Read this in the novell website. The recent Microshaft's "get the facts" surveys c*ap has been answered quite well by novell and seems like novell is taking microsoft head to head. Read more.. Microsoft meets Redhat:-...
  15. Satissh S

    15 year old builds linux distro based on knoppix

    SLYNUX, the user friendly GNU/Linux distribution developed from knoppix(SLYNUX is a knoppix remastered version) by SarathLakshman, Studying in 10th Standard and a 15 year old student.... Readmore I dunno if this has been posted already. Sorry If it had been posted already.
  16. Satissh S

    [How To] Editing The Xorg .conf File

    In the way of my life with linux, as everyone, i have faced a lot of troubles, but each trouble of mine proves to be a stepping stone to attaining a higher level of understanding of this wonderful operating system. I had to learn deep about X when i had to setup my cards and other x components...
  17. Satissh S

    Catching up with recipients of free Linux CDs

    Was browsing through newsforge and found this article to be interesting. What do people do with free linux cds? :wink: http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=05/11/07/1646250
  18. Satissh S

    Flash in Linux

    Is there any Free, OpenSource Flash IDE that i can use to create flash programs in linux? If it can be installed by yum, or apt-get it'll be convinient. Searched google but no satisfactory results.
  19. Satissh S

    Fedora Vs Mandrake Vs SuSe

    Came across this article, pretty old but still found interesing, A comparison between fedora mandrake and suse. Click Here! :)
  20. Satissh S

    Is it possible to run Brittanica 2004 in linux??

    Is it possible to run brittanica 2004 in linux. It can be run in mac ,which of course is based on unix, so it shud run on linux too.. but when i try to run with wine i get a lot of errors. I had bought it for Rs 2100 and now since i don't have windozee iam unable to run it :(
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