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  1. dd_naik

    Need Graphic Under 3k[Urgent]

    PC Config : Intel D946 Mobo Intel C2D E4500 Processor iBall LPE223-400 (250W) SMPS 1 stick of 1gig Ram 160 WD HDD What's the best graphic card in the budget of 3k? I know 3k isn't much but's that all I can shell out at the moment Need the graphic card to run DoTA 2 and FIFA 12...
  2. dd_naik

    MTNL Speed Drop

    To All MTNL Unlimited Plan Users, I've Noticed a Tremendous speed drop, since March 2011.I was very much concerned as various horrible thoughts crossed my mind like sum1 sharin my internet, hack etc etc. Latr, I came to knw many Mtnl unlimited plan users noticed the same drop in speed across...
  3. dd_naik

    config for 30k

    Didn't wanna add more threads so posting it within this thread. Plz correct me if m doing wrong(new to forum) Planning to buy a new pc My maximum budget goes till Rs.30000 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific...
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