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  1. saikibryan

    One plus 2 dual sim problem !

    Good morning folks, I am using a one plus 2 phone for last couple of months now...it was running smoothly... I was using a BSNL sim for primary slot for call purpose and a vodafone sim for data mainly which was my secondary sim. now problem started from last week... If i insert both of the...
  2. saikibryan


    Guys any idea where can I buy klipsch in kolkata/online in india? Regards Saiki
  3. saikibryan

    2000Mhz RAM

    Hello everybody, I've bought 4gb of 2000mhz ram alongwith a hexacore amd+gigabyte 890gpaud3h mobo. my bios is showing 1333mhz as ram speed... any solution or a way to make this ram run in 2000 mhz speed? thanks saiki
  4. saikibryan

    Buying a new phone...

    Hello Guys, I'll be buying a new cellphone for myself... My budget is 17K-22K... Camera is not my priority, may be 2/3.2 MP would do fine for me... Sound and display and 3G...these are my priority...alongwith some cool applications (like digital compass, maps, some good 3D games etc.) I...
  5. saikibryan

    straw inside the bottle...!!!

    hello guyz... just check out what i've got while buying a bottle of mirinda :( these cola guyz sucks... can anyone recommend or suggest what step should i take??? any contacts regarding that shall be appreciated...:) regards saiki
  6. saikibryan

    veyron killer !!!

    hey guyz digest this... brand new Acabion GTBO supercar.... acceleration: 0-224mph in 20 seconds flat top speed: 350mph (limited to 292mph) veyron can achieve only 253mph... 1.4 ltr diesel engine... price: 1 million USD...:)
  7. saikibryan

    microsoft private folder problems

    guys i've been using microsoft private folder for securing my datas when i format my HDD i usually first "export encrypted files" to one of my HDD partition... after reinstalling private folder i "import encrypted files" from the previously moved folder... now my problem is when i try to open...
  8. saikibryan

    Urgent Intervention Required.

    I am using Home 500 Plan of DATAONE. I d/l a lot of s/w, and movies as well frm torrent sites. Now from two days back i cudn't connect to net, each time i am trying to do so its showing Error 678. I have tried accessing my account from different pcs and its working fine. ADSL Link is always...
  9. saikibryan

    3GP converter

    guyz need a good software for converting all video files into 3gp file types need to load them into my walkman phone... i've zeroed in on ImTOO 3GP Video Converter v3.1... any idea about this software???? costing me abt 1500/- or is there any other good software... any free software shall...
  10. saikibryan

    top torrent sites

    hey guys...plz provide me with best 5 or 10 torrent tracker sites best according to seeder/leecher number... i mean for faster downloads.... tight lines
  11. saikibryan

    video splitter

    downloaded few movies thru torrent softwares... now i couldn't cut them into two jus to fit in 2 cds... they r in xvid avi format... tried dis thing wit naturpic splitter, vcd cutter etc none of them helped...i'm gettin overflow error suggest me a good software for da required...
  12. saikibryan

    who is da culprit???

    i'm stating a problem what my friend is facing now... he was using his machine...like casual web browsing, media player, download thru torrent... suddenly his monitor went blank, hdd led pc power led was not lit by then, no sounds of cpu fans... upon removing one side of cabinet, no sign of...
  13. saikibryan


    just bought a walkman phone, out of curiosity...what is bluejacking? how ppl do it n how i can prtect my phone from that?
  14. saikibryan

    CHKDSK error

    i've freshly installed xp abt 2 days back, during that i've also fixed MBR and BOOT(fixmbr & fixboot). now every time during windows startup windows is checkin drive D for error only, while drive D contains only back ups material. syastem files r in drive C as usual...it's happening everytime...
  15. saikibryan

    boot them out

    folks i've two hard drives (160 gb n 80 gb), i had winxp installed in da 160 one. then i tried vista rc1 on that same drive. some time later i installed ubuntu in the 80 gb drive. now vista has gone as i've installed winxp back again in 160gb. but problem is that in da bootin section vista is...
  16. saikibryan

    which speaker to buy???

    c i want to buy a 5.1 speaker system...since THX certified/dts/dolby prologic should b outta my budget, plz gimme some clue which one i should zero in...my budget is around 8k-10k...is it necessary to buy a amplifier/sound card alongwith that?
  17. saikibryan

    best graphic card(PCIe)

    what will be the best possible graphic card for this configuration(better if its within 7000/-)? amdathlon64 3000+ msiRS480 512ddr 80GBsata i have an onboard atix200idecontroller already.
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