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  1. vinaych

    46" inch TV - Buying Help! :!:

    Hi all, Unable to decide on which TV to buy. And need to buy one by end of day tomorrow! Have a budget of 75k and considering to get a 46/47/48inch TV. (Can't get a 50" because there is an enclosure for the TV in the house and a 50incher wouldn't fit!) It is for the parents. They watch mostly...
  2. vinaych

    Which 23" monitor?

    Hello all, Heavily confused about which 23" monitor to get! I have HP 23fi and Dell S2340L monitors in my mind. Which is the better of the two? Any suggestions would be heavily appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. vinaych

    16:10 IPS Monitors?

    Hello all, I've been using an HP 16:10 19" monitor since 8 years. (No complaints at all.. Brilliant monitor) The time has come for me to purchase another monitor and when I look, there aren't any 16:10 monitors that I could find except for the Dell U2412m! That monitor is a slightly over my...
  4. vinaych

    Opera Mini 4 and Nokia 5300 (s40) - Connection Error

    Hello, I have a problem connecting Opera Mini 4 on my Nokia 5300. My connection is Spice Telecom (Karnataka) Opera mini 3 works very fine on my phone. But, I don't know what, mini 4 doesn't connect at all!! I've heard that this is a problem with all s40 3rd Edition phones. Has anyone had any...
  5. vinaych

    Motherboard:DDR GFX Card:DDR2??

    Hello all, If a motherboard supports only DDR RAM, can we hook a Graphics Card which has a DDR2 memory on to the system? Is this compatible?
  6. vinaych

    Problem with Viewsonic VX1932wm LCD

    Hello all.. I bought a Viewsonic 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor on Sep 11, 2007 (Model: Viewsonic VX 1932wm) When I play videos, fringes/rings appear around a subject, particularly when the subject is a bright light!! It is very annoying to see these while watching videos. I have seen this as...
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