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  1. braindead

    Digit website feedback

    I have been a long time fan of digit and it saddens me to see what a shit show the site has become. The bandwidth heavy homepage is a cluttered mess. It's ironic considering that this magazine taught me the basics of HTML and web design. There was even a Fastrack issue to Web design if i...
  2. braindead

    Meizu discussion thread

    To discuss anything related to Meizu since i couldn't find anything elsewhere here. Service centers here Snapdeal Promotions (thanks to Zangetsu Current issues: Google play games not installing (error 505) Did a logcat and there is a conflict with another google app regarding the...
  3. braindead

    Meizu M2 note

    I got the M2 note just a few days back and this is my attempt to let others know the experience of a normal users usage without going into benchmarks and other similar things which other tech sites have done so much better. The M2 note is the follow up to the famous M1 note with some...
  4. braindead

    Help buying new printer 10k budget

    i have my eyes on Epson L210 for its cheap printing costs. The only drawback i feel is the heating of ink before printing. Who wants to heat ink everyday? (Or is that a one time thing?) Printing amount is average of 300 pages a month. Mostly text. Occasional photos. Wireless,pen drive, ease...
  5. braindead

    Laptop in 40ish budget(need looks over performance)

    Ok so this is for a dear special lovely friend of mine heh heh 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 42k rs. can be increased by a few thousands 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen (Want to go for 14+ only when...
  6. braindead

    Sony Xperia E review

    See Specs here Sony Xperia E paid 9800 in total. Packaging Comes in a small box just big enough to fit the microusb charger ,earphones and printed materials. Had to read one of the materials to open the back panel, which was very simple after i read it. No screen guard is provided but the...
  7. braindead

    Notepad++ regex help

    eg: i would like to replace the following text How to write a regex that selects from Work phone till Home country i tried this (Work*)(Country) ie select everything in between work and Country but that doesnt seem to work.Tried googling without any satisfactory answers. Please help.:cry:
  8. braindead

    Sound from unknown source(devil's?)

    After a wifi router has been installed on the first floor, the resident on the ground floor are hearing a sound in their living room. I checked and the sound seems to come from any of the following 1. Lcd tv 2. Dvd player 3. Radio Tired unplugging the wires but the sound still comes. Cant...
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