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  1. hariharakumar

    Google Analytics - help needed

    I have installed google analytics plugin on my site. Every thing worked fine. But after some days analytics started to log visits of my site login and logout page. I had a look on the login page, there is not analytics code present. What should i do to remove logging of login and logout...
  2. hariharakumar

    finding hard to install applications in Ubuntu

    i have downloaded some files with extensions .zip, .jar, .tar.gz and i dont know how to install them in Ubuntu. Please help me. Please give me step by step tutorial how to run each extension. I know how to extract them but dont know how to install them on Ubuntu
  3. hariharakumar

    How to install .tar.gz in Ubuntu

    I have downloaded outlook messenger for linux, it has .tar.gz extension, i didnot found any installer for linux, i am new to linux. I dont know how to install, please help me
  4. hariharakumar

    Clean your infected memory sticks, ipods.. easily

    Guys if you have infected pen drives,memory sticks,ipods... boot into Ubuntu(Linux based OS) connect your infected pen drive and remove unwanted files like FOLDER.EXE, AUTORUN.INI, DRIVE.EXE,...... easily. If the permission is denied to delete such file, you can easily change the file...
  5. hariharakumar

    Banning fellow Adsense publishers

    Guys while i was chatting with another adsense publisher( who isnt getting quiet well earnings from adsense), he asked me to show my total adsense earnings, i know him as chat mate for quiet long time, so i have showed him my earnings(25$ from past 9 months :D) as screenshot which doesnt show...
  6. hariharakumar

    how to run programs in Ubuntu that are already installed in Windows?

    Guys i have installed Ubuntu, i already have Windows XP in other partition. Now i want to run those programs that are installed in Windows XP in Ubunu. Is it possible? So i may save time, instead of reinstalling in Ubuntu under wine.
  7. hariharakumar

    installing Wine in Ubuntu will trigger Windows .EXE virus files?

    I am new to Ubuntu, i just want to install some windows applications in Ubuntu using Wine, i am afraid that virus or torjans that have .EXE extension may also run in Ubuntu. I need help, installing Wine will trigger any autorun .EXE programs?
  8. hariharakumar

    Antivirus is dead in Ubuntu - Linux ?

    Some guys told me that Linux isn't virus proof, so this post is for them. I agree what they have said but those people must look at this picture once. Funny isnt it. see this link: http://www.internetling.com/2008/03/09/anti-virus-software-is-dead-use-linux/
  9. hariharakumar

    Ubuntu's New Look (Mock Ups) Awesome looking

    Guys now i have found some Ubuntu's next version mockups, if you like them please vote the designs and Ubuntu developers will select these in their next release. These are awesome looking and i like them to be seen on Ubuntu's next release. See them here...
  10. hariharakumar

    The awesome looking Ubuntu

    Guys recently i have downloaded and installed Ubutu, its awesome, all programs are pre installed, even instant chat messenger( all yahoo, gtalk, and other services are bundled in one) ,firefox, video and audio player, and even more. I am very excited to have this beautiful OS on my system. The...
  11. hariharakumar

    Wireless broadband linksys router in XP SP2

    I have recently configured Linksys broadband router to my XP SP2 system. I was able to change the router settings at first using ip, but now i am unable to connect to router any more. I cant figure out what the real problem is? I has unsecure wireless signal, i just want to make it...
  12. hariharakumar

    USB firewall for pen drive

    When i copy files to my pen drive virus also gets copied into it. So i want to know whether there is any application program that acts as a Firewall for pen drive that restricts or notifies the user of any virus programs that tries to enter into pen drive?
  13. hariharakumar

    Alternative programs that make your work easier

    Lets us see some of the alternative applications that can be used on your XP, so you can work faster than before. Adobe reader - (alternative)Foxit Reader IE - (alternative)Firefox or Chrome Zip - (alternative)7Zip see more alternatives at <link sniped> blog. If you find any other...
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