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  1. aquamatrix

    graphic card @ 7k

    looking for a gfx for a PC wid pentium D 3.0ghz and 1 gb ram which is the best card (@ 7k) at the moment ?? PCI-e slot only. confused between 8600gt, 7900 gs and x1950pro
  2. aquamatrix

    graphics card

    huh?? could you be more specific
  3. aquamatrix

    Counter Strike Death Match (CSDM) help !!!

    We have 11 computers connected on a lan through two D link switches, was wondering if we could run CSDM on our lan and how???? i have tried installing it thorugh the AMX mod 1.75 and CSDM 2.0 but nothing would happen.
  4. aquamatrix

    Gaming Controllers

    Can i use the ps2 or xbox game controllers for my PC, if yes how come and how much would it cost.
  5. aquamatrix

    Budget: 8-9k for a mobile

    which will be the best mobile for 8-9k?? i am looking for atleast 1mp camera, extendable memory and fm and all.
  6. aquamatrix

    HDD problem

    I recently bought a new PC and the HDD is giving me problems ( my HDD is 200GB seagate sata). when i tried to copy something from a DVD onto my comp it just hung up, and my HDD stopped responding and after my Windows would not load it showed some disk boot failure. i went to my dealer to get...
  7. aquamatrix

    Where can i get the E6300??

    i have been look for the a decent processor but cannot find where i live(pune). pl help where i can find this (in india, preferably in pune or bombay). also if possibe give me a contact no.
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