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    $1000 STEAM CREDIT + FREE Y500 i7 3630QM GT750M FHD+ 1YR WARRANTY

    EPIC GAMING BUNDLE $1000 STEAM CREDIT 1x Y500 - i7 3630QM GT750M FHD - 59371965 All original documents and charger along with charging cable. Warranty type: Manufacturer Warranty Warranty till date: 2015-06-15 Purchase date: 2013/06/19 Purchased with 2yr warranty. US import (no accidental...
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    [For Sale] STEAM games of your choice at a huge discount!

    I am willing to gift steam games at 85% of the price, ppl willing to buy can contact me. $150 worth of credit is with me. eg. Buying watch dogs at $59.99 will cost you: 59.99*0.85 = 50.9915 $50.9915 to ₹3060 $1 = ₹60 (Lower than usual) ------------------------------------ Originally it would...
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    [For Sale] Skype Credit $10, $25, $50

    Skype Credit $10, $25, $50 20% off! I have skype credit coupons to sell. Following are the qty. of each Coupons will be emailed as soon as payment is received in full or es-crowed to a trusted member. Interested ppl please PM. Will dispatch coupon only after payment or if some credible member...
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    [For Sale] Sony XPERIA Z - FEB 2013 Purchase

    Model: Sony Xperia Z (unrooted, stock rom) Condition: Like New with scratchguards on back and front from day 1, no scratches or visible scuff marks anywhere, never submerged under water :P Date of Purchase: 14th Feb, 2013 Original Box with bill, accessories and everything provided with the...
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    Wanted usb connector for ipod shuffle or the dead shuffle itself dead - 1st Gen

    As the thread title says, I am looking for a dead ipod shuffle or its USB connector. I have a 512MB shuffle 1st gen. whose usb connector went kaput and I cant really live without it! Any and every help will be appreciated. People from Delhi or Kanpur can really help as I can come and pickup!
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    GMA3100 & Driver parallel lines

    hi guys can u please help me i hav drive parallel lines and i tried to run it on my pc q6600-2.4 Ghz 2 gig 667mhz gma3100
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