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    WD Blue Query

    I bought a WD Blue 1 TB 5400 rpm (model WD10EZRZ) hard drive today. My requirement is gaming and not planning to have an SSD. I actually ordered WD Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 rpm (model WD10EZEZ). The dealer is telling Caviar Blue is obsolete and not available. Dealer is ready to replace with...
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    Suggest me a 4GB pendrive.

    Suggest me a 4GB pendrive. Which brand and model to go for and the ones to stay away from. Thanks :D
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    Dell 19" Monitor SE198WFP

    I would like to buy this monitor. Any suggestions for a better one. Right now, do not need HDMI, USB ports, Full HD, and I need only 19" as 22" is too large a size for me. The big disadvantage I see is that it has no height or swivel adjustment. Is there any means possible to have height...
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    Editing iso files

    How to add or delete a directory/file into an iso file? How much does a dual layer plain dvd (dvd 9) cost in India? location too.
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    doubt regarding SATA HDD, grafix card, and LCD monitor

    My config is: Intel 865gbf mobo P4 2.4 DDR400 1 gb 80 gb ide (doubt whether it is ide or sata, how can i find it is sata or ide?) the code is samsung sp0802n hdd (mobo shows sata 150 hdd support) 1. I would like to buy a 500gb seagate sata II hdd 16/32 mb buffer. Will it run in this mobo? What...
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    plain dvd9 availability? && fat32 to ntfs conversion

    Where can i get plain dvd9. And the price if available and loc. :D Is there any way to overcome the 4 gb per file size in fat32 other than converting to ntfs? Can I convert a drive to ntfs from fat32 when data/files are there in the same drive or Do i have to format the drive to convert? What...
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