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  1. Skynaveen

    Laptop for about 2 lacs

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) anything less than 2 lacs 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? About 14" to 16" 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Video editing, light(ish) gaming, web designing, photoshop, Unity3d...
  2. Skynaveen

    Use Router as amplifier

    I have two wireless modem routers at my house. Can I use the extra one as a signal amplifier for the other?
  3. Skynaveen

    Cant see most games on Warcraft 3 DotA with garena

    Hi, I cannot see most of the games on garena. My friend can see all of them and join them. If i tunnel the person who is hosting i can see and join his game. People cant join my game unless they tunnel me. Please tell me why this is so and how to correct it. Please dont say firewall or...
  4. Skynaveen

    [Want to Buy] Earphone adapter for HTC Phones

    I have an old HTC Gene (p3400i) , it supports only the proprietary earphones. I need an adapter to 3.5mm standard jack. I am also ready to buy them from any sites that have cash on delivery like flipkart.
  5. Skynaveen

    Facebook vs Google+

    I was using facebook for a couple of years when all of a sudden Google Plus appeared. My social networking life was torn into two - Me wanting to go after Google plus because of its features and privacy, But my friends were all hanging on to facebook. So Guys which one do you prefer and why ...
  6. Skynaveen

    [Want to Buy] Apple iPad refurbished or used.

    Just saw a news from IBN that apple started selling refurbished iPad in India for 15000. If anybody knows where to get it from please post. I live in trivandrum(kerala). I am also ready to buy an used one if i dont get this.
  7. Skynaveen

    Software for CPU overclocking

    My Present config is: PSU : 450W Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 ghz XFX Nvidia GT220 3gb ram ( 1gb ADATA 2gb something else) @667 mhz 160 gb HDD from samsung Intel DG3PRI classic mobo Is this configuration good for overclocking the CPU ? Will a bios update let you overclock the CPU if...
  8. Skynaveen

    Price of 500gb or 1TB hdd

    The title conveys it all................ :-) I am going to buy a 500gb or 1tb(if im lucky) HDD. :mrgreen: Can you please give the prices of those :-o Thanks in advance
  9. Skynaveen

    PSU fan not working, How to fix ?

    My PSU fan is not working since 2 months. Everytime I startup my computer I will have to rotate the fan a bit manually till it starts to rotate. Even when it is rotating, it is very slow. I have another fan but I dont know how to replace it. Please Tell me how to replace the fan:-?
  10. Skynaveen

    Need Help: Can video memory be increased?

    I have a Nvidia GT 220 from XFX which has ddr2 memory(1gb). The memory speed looks like its only 400Mhz (It says so in afterburner). :razz: I was wondering if i could somehow replace the memory or make it not use the memory but instead use my ram which is 800Mhz:mrgreen: Please help me in...
  11. Skynaveen

    Suggest a good game for iPhone 4

    I recently bought an iPhone 4 and i am in need of games for it. Ilike games like fruit ninja angry birds etc. Can you suggest a good game like those. Thanks in advance.:-o
  12. Skynaveen

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Hello Everyone, I recently finished assassin's creed brotherhood and thought i would help people to get through the game easily. If you need any help in it just post and I will answer. About training assassins , capturing borgia towers, using moves, Lairs of romulus etc. etc.
  13. Skynaveen

    GT 220 overclocked from 625 Mhz to 815Mhz.

    My Nvidia Geforce GT220 from XFX is running stable at 815Mhz after overclocking from 625Mhz. The temperature after a lot of gaming is still around 60 degrees. Does increasing voltage change the performance ?:? And also I dont think it needs a power connector as it has no port. But the...
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