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    [Complaint] bad experience from Creative..

    i live in Goa, India. i had purchased Creative t3100 2.1 speakers on 12 Oct 2011 online from theitwares.com site for Rs. 2500. i have been using those speakers for almost one year w/o any problem. few days back, on 5th Oct 2012, the sound started fluctuating (getting high and low abruptly) and...
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    creative speaker warrenty

    i have creative inspire t3100 2.1 speakers which i bought from theitwares.com on 12th oct 2011. now since 2 days, its sound is too low and also fluctuating. it reaches from lows to highs with a slight creaking sound. sometimes there is no sound at all. yesterday a weird incident took place. the...
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    smps in 2k

    my old smps (odyssey) which cost me 700 bucks is getting too much noisy so i am thinking of buying a new one. i have dual core processor and gigabyte g31 board. budget is around 2 to 2.5 k. also suggest me a decent graphics card for some base level gaming (around 1.5-2k). thnx in adv
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    dual boot (Xp+win7)

    i have a computer with xp installed (2 gb ram) and 8 gb free memory on my c:/ & 92 gb on d:/... now i want to have a dual os by installing win7.. i have the following doubts... 1. can i install the 2nd os without losing all my data on my c:/ ??? (backing up the data is always safe, i know, but...
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    i want to buy a cordless phone for home use. my budget is rs 3500/-. pls suggest a good phone. thnx in adv
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    worst service by indiaplaza

    I ordered a book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (children's edition) costing Rs 259/- from Indiaplaza.in almost one and a half month ago. After 8 days they sent me the book. I opened the package only to find HP (signature edition) costing Rs 239/-. I booked tickets on their site one...
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    IFB dishwasher

    my mother is really fed up of our maid now a days. she is so irregular. but without her there is no one to wash the heap of utensils that stay piled in the wash basin. so came the idea of buying a dishwasher that would ease the daily pain of scraping food from the dishes. somebody please help...
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    buy.com shipping to india

    i am buying led monitor BenQ g2222HDL from buy.com. its available for 150$ (7500 rs). do they ship to india? if not is there any alternate? THNX IN ADV
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    usb flash drive

    i am buying a pen drive online from flipkart. here is the url http://www.flipkart.com/computers/pen-drives/itmczcsuedweymgw?pid=acccwpapnw78zeme&_l=Mov%20fT84kmRKD0p%20AQJKyQ--&_r=y9nkZyQ47WUuvch1MuaDvg--&ref=48f68399-ed8c-46cc-abcb-62f2cad53145 (i dunno whether sharing urls is allowed here). is...
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    change partition size

    hey frnz,, need some help. i have sata hdd 320 gb (win xp) with d:\ = 200 gb and c:\ = 100 gb. thats about too much space for c, isnt it? can i change the partition size to make c:\ worth 10gb and move the rest to d:\ without formatting or losing data??? thnx in advance.. :)
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    led monitor within 7k

    i want to buy led monitor within 7k bucks. but i would like to know the difference between HD and non HD monitor. also the function of HDMI in monitor. and will i be able to grab one with the above mentioned features within my budget?? thnx in adv :)
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    spike buster

    i want to buy a spike guard (buster) within Rs 500 with telephone protection and individual socket switch.. pls guide
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    audio quality and bitrate

    i have recently purchased new 2.1 speakers. i love listening to songs hindi as well as english. i would like to know about audio bitrate and its effect on the audio quality.. :) thanx in adv
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    creative inspire t3100

    guys after a lot of search on the net and in your forum, i have decided to buy creative inspire t3100 2.1 speakers. i had one one more choice, altec lansing vs 4121 but its extinct. guys i need final comments. i am going to order them on flipkart for Rs. 2300/-
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    gigabyte motherboard

    i had purchased gigabyte g31 motherboard 2 years ago. now before two months on a rainy night, i forgot to disconnect the phone line from my broadband modem. that night my modem got busted due to thunder. then i purchased a new modem (dlink) and connected but the lan indicator was not glowing...
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    creative inspire t3130

    i was searching for good quality speakers with decent bass.i finally decided to buy creative inspire t3100 speakers. but they are not available anywhere in Goa. for online buying it comes up to rs 2600. the retailers here told that a substitute for t3100 is there which is t3130. sombody pls...
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    enter card reader

    hey frns.. need some help. online shopping site indiaplaza is offering a deal. its selling a card reader brand: Enter USB Mini All In One Card Reader (E-MC10) for just Rs. 2/- + 39/- shipping (1 yr warrenty). is this deal worth the deal?? pls guide me.
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    logitech speakers

    hey,, i want to buy 2.1 speakers around 2.5 thousand. i am not a bog audiophile but like to listen to songs and watch movies. i just got a demo of logitech z323 speakers. i have read a couple of reviews on z313 (which has a wired remote control). pls help me to select among the two.. :)
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