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  1. saurabh kakkar

    seeking ur support

    hi guys, As a part of a project I have to create maximum fans for my rediff page up till 25th Feb 2010. I have an opportunity here to get an internship or well a placement at rediff. I request you all to please help me in my endeavor by becoming a fan on this page...
  2. saurabh kakkar

    How to Configure MTNL Broadband in Puppy Linux

    After encountering mouse Undetection problem in puppy 4.1.2 I downloaded puppy 2.1.6 to gave a try and to my surprise it detected my mouse I m using puppy linux 2.1.6 on Virtual Pc 2007 but I m unable to use internet it is not able to detect my MTNL broadband earlier i had used DSL and ubuntu...
  3. saurabh kakkar

    Help Me two instances of Explorer :(

    Two instances of explorer.exe is running in my computer Kaspersky ,nod32 r unbale to show any Virus on my system My system is running very slow This is my HijackThis log file Help me
  4. saurabh kakkar

    Suggest some Light Distro

    After using Ubuntu 7.10 4r long I have decided to move to some other distro Since i m having a low configuration (P4 2.4 ,256 ddr, 80 gb) so want some light distro Will be using it mainly 4r net (Firefox must) ,Chatting ,Music ,Watching Videos(VLC must),Viewing Picks,creating nd editing world...
  5. saurabh kakkar

    Some compiz feature required in Xp

    Hi members Posting after a long time :) Actually this Q is for my windows Xp but related to Linux so posting in here I was using Ubuntu with Compiz and there was a Negative feature in that press super key nd N and u will get desktop in Negative mode as i m hooked to this feature nd currently...
  6. saurabh kakkar

    Grub giving Error 17 in stage1 :(

    plz help me my sys has stared giving Error 17 :( when i try grub> find /boot/grub/stage1 it gives following error Error 15: File not found Now when i try mounting root partition using the livecd: I dont know what is my root partition to be put in this command sudo mount...
  7. saurabh kakkar

    Which one from these Micro Sd card to buy ??

    Hi I m planning to buy to 2 Gb Micro Sd card from Indiaplaza but there are 2 Sandisk 2 Gb Micro Sd card one for Rs. 329 /- http://www.indiaplaza.in/mobiles/accessories/MA08030310364359/all/sandisk-micro-sd-card-2gb-with-3-years-manufacturer-warranty.htm and other Sandisk 2 Gb Micro Sd...
  8. saurabh kakkar

    Which Digital service should i opt ?

    Hi Guys I m fed up of my cable Service Now I want to opt for Digital entertainment service but i m confuse on which one I shud go for 1 IPTV (as i have MTNL BB so I can opt this) 2 Tata Sky 3 Airtel 4 Dish Tv 5 BIG TV plz guide me which among these is best nd economical [:D]...
  9. saurabh kakkar

    how is sony Ericsson's S500 ?

    Hi I m planning to buy good designer phone within 8k i wana know how is sony Ericsson's S500 i have heard that there is some problem with its keys is it so ?? also suggest me good phone in 8k (preferably Sony Ericsson) Music is not a main criteria as i will be using my mp3 player +ep630...
  10. saurabh kakkar

    Can i use this Ram configuration ?

    Hi I have p4 2.4 Ghz based system having 256 ddr1 Ram 266 mhz I m interested in upgrading my Ram so Can i connect 512 ddr1 333 mhz with my current 256 ddr1 266 mhz ? My mobo supports both 266 and 333 mhz frequency
  11. saurabh kakkar

    creative ep-630 owners plz help

    hi i have recently lost my creative ep-630 ear bud(medium size) Can any one suggest me what to do :??? where can i buy the ear bud ??? if it is not possible to buy Can any one of u send me ur ep-630 ear bud (medium size) in case u r not using it i will be very thankfull to u ...
  12. saurabh kakkar

    looking for a song something like saanu dukha wich

    hi i m looking for a song may be punjabi it is some thing like "saanu dukha which chorke " dontknow exact words :( have searched a lot but in vein plz if u have it upload it or give a link
  13. saurabh kakkar

    suggest a book for learning Unix commands and scripting

    plz suggest me a good book or E-book for learning Unix commands and shell Scripting regards saurabh kakkar
  14. saurabh kakkar

    suggest a good book for learning SQL and PL\SQL

    Hi plz suggest me a good book or E-book for learning SQL commands and triggers and cursors regards Saurabh kakkar
  15. saurabh kakkar

    Yahoo Messanger Disapperars automatically

    Hi My yahoo messanger disapperars automatically after i click sign in button I m able to open my registry and all other stufs r responding correctly plz help me to sort out this problem regards Saurabh kakkar
  16. saurabh kakkar

    where can i buy Lava Lamp in delhi ??

    I m really interested i buying a Lava lamp Can any one tell me where Can i buy Lava Lamp in delhi ?? and how much it will cost ??
  17. saurabh kakkar

    Suggest me a hand held digital dictionary

    Hi as i m trying to increase my vocabulary So I want a hand held digital dictionary to look for the meanings of words instantly :) plz suggest me any cheapest Device (PDA/Mobile) which Can solve my purpose regards Saurabh kakkar
  18. saurabh kakkar

    unable to apply skin on XMMS

    Hi I want to install this http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=41102&forumpage=2 skin on my ubuntu 7.10 with xmms 1.2.10 So i downloaded VU-meter plugin Version >= 0.9.2 but when i try to compile it it gives me following error : checking for GLIB - version >= 1.2.10... yes...
  19. saurabh kakkar

    Unable to create links :(

    Hi I have made 4 of my fat32 partions auto mount at start-up So every time system starts these 4 partions comes on desktop .Now i wana make shortcuts for some of my folders residing in this fat volume on desktop but whenever I try to create a link on any folder i get this message : plz tell...
  20. saurabh kakkar

    Unable to hibernate ubuntu 7.10

    Hi I m unable to hibernate my ubuntu 7.10 system whenever i try to hibernate my system goes in sleep mode :( I m having 256 mb Ram nd 314 mb swap also how can i assign short cuts to open an application like i want alt+ to open xmms
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