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  1. abhinavmail1

    22 inch TV for 13k-15k

    guys i need Full HD tv i.e 1080p. my requirments are as follows 1. good picture quality. 2.two HDMI ports(for HD DTH and PS3). 3.play most of the video formets through USB. i have shortlisted few . Buy Samsung 22 Inch LED TV UA22F5000AR - TV - Infibeam.com Buy Samsung 22 Inch LED TV...
  2. abhinavmail1

    pc shut down problem

    guys when i run graphics intensive games, the fans inside case started running in full speed and computer get off immediately.what is the problem? :-(
  3. abhinavmail1

    Gaming keyboard+mice+mouse pad for 5K

    Guys i am mostly into fps gaming and using palm grip ,my budget is extendable upto 200rs.suggest me all three with in my budget.d key board should have backlit.as i live in small town i am going to buy online only.so suggest me prices from online sites only.
  4. abhinavmail1

    Need HDD repair shop address in kolkata

    Guys day before yesterday my brother's 3.5 inch segate sata hdd develops bad sector ,he recovers d data and he purchased new hdd but he wants to get it repaired so he setup raid 0.he lives in kolkata
  5. abhinavmail1

    Is techenclave forum down ?

    Hey guys is techenclave is down ,every time i tried to access it ,a login prompt appear but iam unable to login
  6. abhinavmail1

    GOW psp games now on PS3.

    Hey guys today while searching through games i found that God of War volume collection-II is available on flipkart for pre order,it contain two psp games i.e god of war ghost of sparta and chain of olympus both the games are going to release on ps3.
  7. abhinavmail1

    Need GPU for 11000 max?

    Guys i need gpu . I have shortlisted msi 6850 OC edition-10350Rs smc price or sapphire 6870-10800Rs MD computers price. I need to ask few questions 1. Will my PSU handle these gpus. 2. Does these gpus are over kill for my moniter resolution 1600X900. 3.does these gpu fits in my cabby cm310...
  8. abhinavmail1

    3rd master hard disk error press F1 to resume

    The above error occure during POST after pressing F1 it says insert media and boot. I have posted dis problem yester day in hardware price check(kolkata) but mods had deleted my posts(may be bcoz it was in worng section)now 'megamind' suggested me that either your sata cable is faulty or hdd or...
  9. abhinavmail1

    Does Gpu bottelnecking moniter

    Does hd 6770 bottelneck dell in 2020m moniter having resolution 1600x900
  10. abhinavmail1

    need gaming pc for 26k-28k

    hi guys i am new to this forum i need to build gaming pc between 26k-28k. plz suggest me 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A:gaming 2. Are you open to...
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