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    Compatibility question

    for memory compatibility list you can get it from google search Z370 HD3P (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global enabling xmp profile, it is not guaranteed to run at 3000 so you have to get a memory from the memory support list to have a better chance of running at 3000
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    30K laptop / HP experiences?

    :chucks: got people here encouraging people to use crack OS
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    Toshiba Satellite - C640-I4014 - Buying advice

    well u gotta buy a pair of gloves to be used when u use ur laptop :mrgreen: i think it is typo
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    Buy back price for this rig ?

    not more than 5000 including hdd for the HP system i guess.
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    Serious Problem Occurred

    now u must have learned "if it aint broke dont try to fix it"
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    [SOLVED] Beeps once, Beeps twice, no video signal...

    Re: Beeps once, Beeps twice, no video signal... looks like ur graphics card is dead. it can fail anytime. i have one fail on me when i rebooted..working few mins before..then it fail suddenly when i reboot. the least u can do..try to clean the graphics card connector using an eraser.and...
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    Sony SB series laptop

    ANYone bought any of this series of Sony laptop? how is it?
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    APC UPS BR800IN problems

    My APC UPS BR800IN (out of warranty) with a clicking sound flashed from green to amber(battery light) repeatedly..there is nothing wrong with my electrical line. the other UPS has no such problem. i can start the UPS in battery mode without line. In both the case.the socket at the back..live...
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    Dell India Payment Options

    ic..thanks for the info mack1983:razz:
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    Wait for intel's Sandy Bridge or not?

    so it boils down to whether one can wait or not ^^
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    Dell India Payment Options

    They are forcing me to accept the option to "have a dell rep call me", and they also have option to "not have a dell rep call me" but that option dont work.. lol before i submit to their force, i would like to know what u guys opted for as a payment option. So what u guys think is a better...
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    Dell Inspiron 14R

    integrated graphics will be fine for movies ...
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    Price of Exide 12V 7AH battery

    Have anyone bought the 12V 7AH batteries recently of Exide or other companies? If so then what is the current market price? Thanks
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    1 TB HDD Suggestion

    thanks for the info.. looks like option 2 seemed to be better in my case.. dont want to have too many harddisk connected..already have one other 250gb one...
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    1 TB HDD Suggestion

    Hey guys and gals... i am looking for a 1TB HDD Not quite in touch with current hardware, so if anyone has recently bought a 1TB HDD or has been using it for sometime, Suggest which one is the one i should go for.. thanks
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    Best Centre Of NIIT

    i have witnessed NIIT faculty helping students during exams for the NIIT course..in some other batch the faculty are so bad that they walked out of the room and the students are having a gala time...was in the room when a few of the students are doing the test..even if one get 100...it has no...
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    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    @ Comp Addict keep up the good work! you are doin a service to the forum member for free
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    velocity computer 900 inclusive of tax?
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    Calcutta Hardware Vendor Feedback Forum

    alright thanks..
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    Calcutta Hardware Vendor Feedback Forum

    thats good.. yeah i actually search for the place on the map before heading there..that way i dont even need to search or ask people... last i went .it was pretty late in the evening so no time to search for tirupati..just went to MD computer near the exide showroom and eastern logica...
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