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  1. dark_king

    What is the customer rights while buying DATA Cards ?

    Hello to all the Members of think digit family . I know all the user of think digit family are well known of teck knowledge . So i am asking one question to all the members and hoping replays from all the members . We all know that there are many service providers who provides data card and...
  2. dark_king

    Indian won rapidshare lottery

    Srishti A. from India is the lucky winner of our RapidShare Lottery. COO Bobby Chang will personally congratulate the 19-year-old and present her with the 50.000 EUR at the beginning of July. Pictures and more information will be published here. source
  3. dark_king


    hey is there any one from Delhi who used 3G from MTNL and like to share their exp .
  4. dark_king

    Gmail NEW LOOK ..

    hey guys did u try new gmail themes.. its really great... :)
  5. dark_king

    Pune is first city in country to roll out 3G services

  6. dark_king

    megaupload lifetime account

    selling megaupload life time account for 70$ . if any one interested then hurry or u miss it ..
  7. dark_king

    megaupload life time account for sale

    account sold
  8. dark_king

    BSNL is giving FREE Broad Band to NEW users

    BSNL has decided to offer free trial of 15 days for new broadband customers registering their demand for broadband under any plan upto 31st March 2008. Terms and conditions : The existing wireline customers of BSNL can book for any plan of broadband and will be provided free...
  9. dark_king

    Bsnl Introduce New 8Mbps connection

    Bsnl lunched new 8 Mbps connection for busness users . But this connection is for different type of business plan only :mad: . hope they will consider that there are still a lot of home users and do the same for them .:rolleyes: well this info i got from a ad from TIMES OF INDIA . Business...
  10. dark_king

    Host For Desi-tek.com

    Need hosting for desi-tek.com We need a good hostig for our site desi-tek.com . php5 mysql5 apache so peoples if u have any idea about good servers then please reply:)
  11. dark_king

    need help on torrentflux

    hey peoples . is there any one who has idea on torrentflux and its using ? because i have some questions regarding torrent flux. how big torrent file can torrentflux handle . i mean is it poassible to download more than 2 gb file with torrent flux like software ,iso etc ?
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