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  1. PrinceHeart

    SW: Nokia PC Suite 6.82 Release 22

    Nokia PC Suite 6.82 Release 22 ======================== Nokia PC Suite is a package of Windows-based PC applications developed especially for use with Nokia phones. Depending on your phone model, it lets you synchronize, edit, and back up many of your phone's files on a compatible PC through...
  2. PrinceHeart

    SW: Norton 360 Beta

    Norton 360 Beta ============= Norton 360 is a comprehensive consumer security solution that offers a full circle of protection and eliminates the need to purchase and manage multiple products. It defends your PC against a broad range of threats, safeguards against online identity theft...
  3. PrinceHeart

    SW: Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0106.00

    Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0106.00 ============================= Using Windows Live Messenger you can chat online via text, voice or even video conversation - in real time - with your friends, family or colleagues. It's faster than e-mail, a great choice for conversations and the perfons...
  4. PrinceHeart

    SW: WinAmp v5.3.2 Released

    WinAmp v5.3.2 ============ Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows. Winamp supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio Explosion, MOD, WAV and other audio formats, custom appearances called skins, plus audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins. Latest...
  5. PrinceHeart

    SW: Netscape 8.1.2 Browser

    Netscape 8.1.2 Browser ================== Currently, Netscape 8.1.2 is only available as a standalone installation. Installation may include Netscape 8.1.2 Browser, Netscape ISP, McAfee, Rhapsody, Real Arcade and WeatherBug. Download: http://www.netscape.com/
  6. PrinceHeart

    Dancing penguins top Bond at box office

    'Happy Feet' Edges 'Casino Royale' at Box Office' NEW YORK -- James Bond has met his match — not a fellow spy but a tap-dancing penguin. The Warner Bros. animated penguin romp "Happy Feet" debuted with $42.3 million, grabbing an edge for the weekend's No. 1 slot over Sony's Bond adventure...
  7. PrinceHeart

    SW: FantasyDVD Player Platinum

    FantasyDVD Player Platinum ============================== FantasyDVD is a exquisite and powerful software DVD player. Have with the same features and controls of the living- room DVD player and support over 70 type video and audio media files. Support the ts, tp, trp mpeg2 HDTV...
  8. PrinceHeart

    SW: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.61

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.61 ======================= K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools. Codec is short for Compressor-Decompressor. Codecs are needed for encoding and decoding (playing) audio and video. It is designed as a user-friendly soluction for playing all your...
  9. PrinceHeart

    See PS3 Crash !

    A brand new Playstation 3 is purchased and ....
  10. PrinceHeart

    PS3's Post-Release Madness !!

    Lets say its a Pre-Release Madness !! LOL Photos: -------- PS3's West Coast debut: Weary but determined, PlayStation 3 customers in San Francisco finally get their hands on the console. Manhattan's PS3 launch party: After three days of waiting, fans got to mingle with the press...
  11. PrinceHeart

    India fires nuclear-capable missile

    India test-fired a short-range nuclear-capable missile on Sunday, a top defence official said, days after a similar test by Pakistan. The indigenously built single-stage missile, Prithvi II, which has been test-fired at least 10 times, was launched off the coast of the eastern state of...
  12. PrinceHeart

    TomKat's fairytale wedding

    In a fairytale setting, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have exchanged wedding vows in a glowing 15th-century castle in a lakeside Italian town. Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=163688 Above link contains other links for images/videos and more.
  13. PrinceHeart

    @Live Addresses Will Be Deleted

    "Because I don't want to get into the business of censoring comments, I did not delete the instructions for creating an @live.com account. @live.com accounts are not legitimately available anywhere except in the Netherlands, where we released Windows Live Mail (without the Beta) last week. If...
  14. PrinceHeart

    WinXP Home(German) to WinXP Home(English)

    Hello there... As the subject says ... I want to change the german language to english. I bought this laptop back in 2001 from germany with preinstalled winxp home OEM(german) .. so its a genuine product. Now I don't know german. For many years I used pirated version instead of the...
  15. PrinceHeart

    Microsoft's New Look !!

    While browsing microsoft.com, found this: Microsoft invites you to participate in the Microsoft.com Home Page Beta program. By becoming a participant you will have the opportunity to experience the beta site whenever you visit the Microsoft.com Home Page through the month of September. When...
  16. PrinceHeart

    Collection of Tutorials/Links on Programming

    Hello to ALL.... I have browsed the search engines so many times trying to find out sites/links which will help me learn programming. And i save lots of links for my own use. Its gone BIG. So am posting it here for others to have a look. C/C++ ==== C++ Programming Language Tutorials...
  17. PrinceHeart

    2 CPUs with 1 monitor ?

    Hello all, Is there any way I can use 2 CPUs with 1 monitor my config: 1st CPU (presently using) Intel 865GBF mobo Intel 3.0GHz with HT 1GB DDR2 RAM Nvidia 6800Ultra 256MB(AGP) Iomega SuperDVD DVD-ROM 80GB X2 Seagate Barracuda HDD 3½ Floppy 2nd CPU(presently in storeroom)...
  18. PrinceHeart

    How to Auto-Login in Windows Vista Beta 2

    Assuming that you are in the desktop. 1. Start > Control Panel > click "User Accounts and family Safely" 2. Next Screen under "User Accounts" > Choose "Change your Windows password" 3. Next Screen "Make changes to your user account > Select "Remove your Password" 4. Next Screen...
  19. PrinceHeart

    ** Working/Not-Working Programs with VISTA **

    Hello to all, Opening this new thread regarding the working and non-working programs/softwares with Windows VISTA Beta 2. Whoever is using this beta release is asked to share their information on what programs/softwares works and doesn't work with their copy of the beta OS. Please remember...
  20. PrinceHeart

    XFX 6800Ultra Dual View Query

    Hi guys, my card is 6800 Ultra 256MB AGP 8X with dual dvi port. The connectors are: *(DVI1)* *(DVI2)* (S-VIDEO) I connect DVI2 before to use it with the VGA monitor and it was working all fine. When i try to connect the s-video to composite cable to connect the PC to my SONY WEGA 29'...
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