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    Average Life Expectancy of A Laptop

    First time laptop user in here (Surprised?? :D) Would like to know the average life expectancy of a laptop. I posed the same question in other notebook related forum and all the so-called experts over there are of the opinion that it is max two to three years.. It is really that low? BTW...
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    Ubuntu 8.04 not updating

    I noticed that since the past two weeks, my Ubuntu installation isnt updating. Whenever i check for updates, it shows Your System is up-to-date in the Update Manager. Beneath that it states, The package information was updated less than one hour ago. I checked out ftp://ftp.iitm.ac.in/ubuntu/...
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    FC 9 Extremely Slow System Update.

    Decided to experiment with FC 9 this weekend and installed it on a spare pc. Everything works fine apart from the slow system update. I had left the PC on for the whole of today morning (2am to 8am) to download the updates during the BSNL free time and i find that it hasn't updated. Did some...
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    BSE Sensex in Vista Sidebar

    Vista's sidebar has got this Stocks gadget, with the help of which we can add stock symbols. Anyone got ideas of how to add BSE Sensex symbol in there? I have tried with various symbols, but none of them seem to be working. I did the same on Ubuntu by adding ^BSESN to the Invest applet. The...
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    FREE 1 Year Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Genuine License

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 is the all-in-one security solution that offers a worry-free computing environment for you and your family. It has tons of features which is capable of protecting your computer from old, current and future security threats. 1. Go to this page and click the...
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    Weird GPRS Connectivity

    I am currently using an old SE k700i. And i am on Airtel Kerala. For the past two weeks, i see that the phone automatically connects to the GPRS network. I have enabled GSM only in my phone (Menu-->Connectivity-->Data Comm.-->Preferred Service-->GSM only), yet i find the phone automatically...
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    Where is login screen in fedora 9?

    I want to enable auto login in fedora 9. But where is login screen in fedora 9? I cant seem to find it. Is there any means by which i can enable auto login in fedora 9 ?
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    Your chance to make your voice heard! What is your opinion on Broadband providers?

    Did you have a bad experience? Or do you think your broadband provider has provided exemplary service? Do you notice that the same ISP seems to give dramatically different levels of service in different regions, due to competition or the lack of it? If you have an opinion and you want it...
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    Long bootup time in Ubuntu 7.10 (MTA Error)

    I find that its taking much time than earlier to boot into the desktop. On closer inspection, i find the following. Soon after i select the OS (ubuntu), an ubuntu loading bar shows up, when that bar is about to be filled, the interface changes to DOS mode and it shows the following message...
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    Free time scheduling in Ubuntu

    Lets get the facts straight. Linux noob in here. Ok, now here is my query. I schedule downloads during the free time (2am to 8am) on my windows installation. Here is how it works. By 2:10am i get connected (using rasdial). By 2:11am, utorrent starts downloading. By 7:55am the pc is shutdown...
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    Updated Ubuntu Image

    Ok here is the situation. I have a Ubuntu 7.10 cd from shipit some months back. I find that after i install ubuntu on a pc, i have to go online and download the updates which has been released until this day. Is there any means by which i can find an updated iso of Ubuntu. By updated iso i mean...
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    Microsoft Vista SP1 coming tomorrow?

    If you have been waiting for Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista, well, you can now mark your calender. We just received word that Microsoft has scheduled Windows Vista Service Pack 1 for release to manufacturer (RTM) on Monday, February 4, 2008. That's just 1 day away! The OEMs will also receive...
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    Airtel Launches Unlimited 256 Kbps @Rs. 750/ per month (Chennai)

    Tarrif for New plan 750 (256UL) No Modem rental 50 rs local calls free (pulse=180 sec) NO mobile free calls NO STD free calls for plan change send a mail to care.tamilnadu@airteltelephone.com Guys as of now the migration of plan is strictly valid till dec 21 only.. and u need send mail before...
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    hddtemp problem (FC 8)

    Fedora noob in here. I had installed gnome-applet sensors and hddtemp. I have added hardware sensors monitor to the panel. Now under sensors applet preferences tab, i find only libsensors. It should display libsensors and hddtemp. How can i invoke this hddtemp?? Previously i was on Ubuntu...
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    HELP - Local DNS Cache for Faster Browsing

    I tried the steps outlined at http://news.softpedia.com/news/Local-DNS-Cache-for-Faster-Browsing-43341.shtml The webpage provides us with step by step instructions on configuring dnsmasq in ubuntu. But its not working out (for me!!) The webpages dont load up. Now am back to Opendns. Help...
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    A Husband, A wife and Suspicion !!

    Came across this article in a blog... Read the experience of that man and post in your views...who is right and/or wrong?? The husband?? The wife?? Listenup, its going to take sometime, because its a long story, so delve into this story only if u got spare time. The moment I saw the telephone...
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    Ubuntu 7.10 shutdown problem

    Am not able to shutdown ubuntu properly. Whenever i click the power button, nothing happens, the screen just freezes and stays like that. I tried various methods posted on ubuntu forum, but still it is not working. Another query i would like to post is that, since yesterday the network icon...
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    Firefox Font problem in Fedora

    The fonts in firefox look very tiny to me and its barely readable. Anyway to increase it permanently ?? Am on FC 8. I can increase it by using ctrl +, but different pages are being rendered in different font sizes. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Invisible Folders

    Due to space constraints, i had copy-pasted two folders from my D: partition to C: partition. The folders (which i had copied) to C: are visible in windows. When i boot into ubuntu and mount the same partition, these two folders are not to be seen. I can see the other folders, yet these two...
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    Sensors command troubleshooting

    Came across an interesting thread, asking all the users to post their CPU temps (http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72717). Am on ubuntu these days, and as given on post #19 (http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showpost.php?p=655231&postcount=19) i tried sensors command on the...
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