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  1. Aniruddh

    what do u guys think about this combination?

    May i know why you want an AMD config and not Intel?and what bsaically you'll be doing with this new rig of urs?gaming,movies etc?
  2. Aniruddh


    Proccy-E7300-5.2k Mobo-Gigabyte G31S3l-2.4k(Very stable and decent overclocker) Ram-Corsair 2x2 GB DDR2 800MHZ Ram-2.8k OR Transcend 2x2 GB 800Mhz-2-2.2k GPU- ATI 4670-arnd 5.5k Samsung 22x DVD-RW This is the best you can get for 15k budget
  3. Aniruddh

    New PC config options?

    Processor Core2Duo E7300 2.66 GHz Intel 5,200 Motherboard 3. P45 Platinum MSI OR 4. P45 Neo F MSI 5,200 OR Biostar P45 very stable and one of the best when comes to overclocking arnd 6.5-7k RAM 2 x 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz Transcend 2,000 OR Gkill Pi 3k or Corsair XMS2 2.8k HDD 500 GB...
  4. Aniruddh

    Upgrading Graphics

    As Sagar made a point get urself a decent 500w PSU which is a must if u gonna get urelf a new GPU. For casual gaming-AMD 3650,8600GT,n few days back AMD has launched there new GPU 3830 i m not sure if its available,check before buying. Get any of the above gpu,n get urself a 1GB...
  5. Aniruddh

    Buying a UPS - please suggest

    :-o 21" CRT monitor huh,well u shud look for atleast 1000KVA ups,APC 1000KVA shud be arnd 7K,u can also look for brands like Numeric,Powercom they'll be arnd 4-4.5k!!!
  6. Aniruddh

    Help me to choose a Laptop

    Well i wud suggest u to go for Dell,as it has a 8600GT card n everythin else is de same as HP!!
  7. Aniruddh

    6233 or W810i

    1-Stay away frm E840 I have used both 6233 n W810i,infact my last fone was W810i!! Well they r 2 vry different fone,W810i has unmatched camera quality in dis price range with AutoFocus,bright flash(u can use it as a torch)!!sound through earfones is pretty gud,but then through speakers its...
  8. Aniruddh

    Intel C2D E4400 or AMD X2 5000+ ????

    Mate why 5000+ ? when u can get 5200+ with 2mb L2 cache for few hundred bucks more?2mb L2 cache will make a difference,and it shud b the least u shud luk for today if u going for AMD!!
  9. Aniruddh

    Important : 19 inch Viewsonic Widescreen Monitor

    Yeaa totally agree gone r the days when CRT were much superior to LCD's while gaming etc,LCD now a days have vry gud response time with 5ms,2ms!getting a new CRT at this time is not at all recommended,get urself a Viewsonic 1930wm its a pretty decent monitor!
  10. Aniruddh

    Nokia 6300 vs SE w700i

    6300 looks worst than that reliance 1500 wala fone. nokia designers have gone nutts designing such "tuccha" looking phones.phone with such cheap looks is utter shame! Well as far as i m concerned i wud suggest u to go for 6233 by far de best fone in 9k price range.W700i is also a pretty decent...
  11. Aniruddh

    Sony Ericsson K790i or Nokie N73?

    If u looking for Camera,then go for K790i or u can also think bout K810i the latest SE fone with 3MP cam,more features added compared to K790i.K810i will cost u arnd 18k!
  12. Aniruddh

    AMD X2 5000+ or Intel C2D 6320

    Wow i am loving it,i thought i will be the only one who'll be suggesting AMD 5000+ but its good 2 see there r many. YUPS eva ill go with 5000+ anyday!! Gud Mobo for AMD processor are really cheap compared to C2D Mobo,C2D Mobo's r really very expensive and at this point of time they r not...
  13. Aniruddh

    Suggest new PC config for my uncle??

    Go with the Config saggy have suggested,thats the best u can get for 30k,instead of Iball keyboard get urself a Logitech or Microsoft bundled MM KB and optical mouse for 800-900 bucks.Cheers
  14. Aniruddh

    sony ericsson p990i for sale

    Wow Man gr8 deal for a gr8 fone...i juz love this fone.by da way juz curious to kno why u selling this fone?its 1 of de best fone available out in de market.
  15. Aniruddh

    3250 V/s 6270

    Well i would rather say NONE of de options is gud,both Sux big time. better option in that price range if u r lukin for Nokia:- 1-6280 2-N70 3-N72
  16. Aniruddh

    Which U R Mobile Phone!!

    I Have SE W810i and i m loving it:- 1-One of the best 2MP cam with AutoFocus and Flash. 2-Great Music Player,Awesome sound through earphones as well as portable speakers which were bundled with the sales pack. 3-Small,slick so easy to carry. 4-Good Battery backup and Screen. 5-Keypad SUX...
  17. Aniruddh

    help d newbe

    Its true that K550i is a cybershot with autofocus so it has 2 b gud while takin pictures but that aint da case!! K750i,W810i has much better cam compared to K550i so i dont agree that K series has de upper hand while it cums to cam!! W810i,W830,W710 they r all walkman series but at da same...
  18. Aniruddh

    Rokr vs w610i vs n73me

    Nops it dont hav a Wifi,My money on N73 me anyday nothin beats that fone in that price range.Agree with AMD64 that N73 me is quite slow and sum times it hangs but dont agree with what he say bout de cam thing,N73's cam is much better then any SE 2MP cam(with autofocus) its eva better then...
  19. Aniruddh

    DVD Writer Purchasing

    @VIKAS i really dont agree with u,u said 90% of samsung drives give prblm especially tray thats not true i wud rather say 99% of samsung drive giv loads of prblm and tray 100% it is gonna giv prblms!!
  20. Aniruddh

    Which mobile should I buy?

    @aks 5300 looks gud and K750i dun??huh i m sure u were kidding,5300 is one of de most ugly fone by Nokia,looks pathetic,toy looks,slider is a big issue wid 5300 it gives loads of trouble.
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