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  1. kayos

    Sony DVD RW Problem !!!

    I just got myself a pc last week which i have stated in quite soem posts now .. just for the help the config is E6750 DG33FBC 250GB SATA 2X1GB RAM Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7190A 20x DVD±RW IDE Drive (Black) also i m using 7300GS card.. but whenever i am copying anything from DVD or using the DVD in...
  2. kayos

    Please suggest !!!

    My pc config: E6750 @2.66Ghz DG33FBC 2X1GB RAM 250Gb SATA I have got 7300GS but as someone said it wont be boosting performance of my system much .. i want to get a GFX card so that i can start playing the best games soon .. I have a onhand budget of 5-6K .. but ready to spare more with time...
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