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  1. prophet

    Work Laptop within 25k

    1) What is your budget? ₹ 25k (may stretch to 30 max if getting a vfm deal) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? mainstream-15 inches + 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? occasional multiplayer gaming(nothing...
  2. prophet

    PPPoE Query?

    I currently have a BSNL Wifi adsl Modem situated in my father's room and 3 PC's connected to it via LAN with one PC in my room. The modem is in always on mode and there is no Wifi Signal from the modem in my room. I have a Wifi Tablet and planning to buy just a router for making my room wifi. So...
  3. prophet

    Please Help with Wifi Hotspot

    I purchased this https://www.flipkart.com/tp-link-150-mbps-tl-wn721n-wireless-n/p/itmd8rrpdjyrtcwn?pid=USBD8RRP4ZEZVS98 for the sole use of a wifi hotspot as i already had an internet connection via the lan cable , initially i got it replaced from flipkart since the hotspot feature wasn't...
  4. prophet

    Headphone suggestions

    Could you please suggest me a suitable Circumaural Headphone for my tablet, the main use will be for watching regular movies and occasionally listening to music, i already own the soundmagic pl11 but i dont want another IEM thats why going for circumaural, thanks in advance :) Budget- 1k
  5. prophet

    Suggest a suitable wifi router within 2k

    I live in a 2 storied house. My BSNL Wi-Fi modem cum router is located on the ground floor while my room is on the first floor where the Wi-Fi signal strength is very weak hence i use an RJ-45 from the BSNL modem to use net on my PC in my room. I am planning to buy a Wi-Fi Tablet, so could u...
  6. prophet

    Wait for the Google Nexus Tablet or buy now?

    I am looking forward to buy a tablet within a budget of 10k, I ve heard a lot about the new google nexus tablet by asus which should be a tad more than my range should i wait for it because its a steal for the rumoured price or buy a micromax funbook I'll be using it mostly for ebooks, movies...
  7. prophet

    Suggest Android Phone for 22k

    1. Budget- 22k 2. Display type and size- 4 inches (large display is preferrable) 3. Form Factor- Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand- Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG 7. Preferred operating system- Android 8. Preferred connectivity options- 3G, Wifi 10. Primary use of handset- multimedia, internet, mild...
  8. prophet

    Help in Hosting COD 4

    i recently got Call of Duty 4, I have played it online on various servers but I really want to host a server where only me and a couple of my friends could play. I have searched a lot regarding how to setup a COD 4 server but couldn't find anything to my satisfaction. It would be very helpful if...
  9. prophet

    Smartphone 18k max

    1. Budget- 18K 2. Display type and size? ATLEAST 3.5inch 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? BAR 4. Preferred choice of brand? Samsung, HTC, SE, LG, Motorola 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). TOUCHSCREEN 6. What camera option you want? Please...
  10. prophet

    samsung galaxy tab for 15k on letsbuy...is there a catch

    i am planning to buy a tab and the prospective candidates are Reliance 3g tab, lenovo ideapad a1 and samsung galaxy tab(one on letsbuy) i am quite astonished by the price lestbuy has to offer for samsung galaxy tab Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 ( Chick White) at Best Price in India - Also find...
  11. prophet

    Motherboard MODEL not sure

    i have a secondary computer in which i recently installed windows xp, the problem is i have lost the motherboard driver cd and neither do i know the model number of the motherboard, in the device manager there are 2 unrecognized things(showing a yellow mark)-VGA display driver and multimedia...
  12. prophet

    guys help

    i to buy a pair of in ear headphones, budget 800, i would be mainly using it with my ipod while jogging, i listen to a lot of symphonies(mozart, beethoven etc) and sometimes jazz and hip hop. from older threads pl21 looks a good contender should i go for it or are their better options?
  13. prophet

    DELL Monitor for TV, possible?

    i recently purchased a Dell ST2320L having a HDMI port, i plan to buy a Videocon HD set top box, will i be able to view the hd channels, moreover will it work fine as a television with no problems whereby i will be using the monitor for viewing tv most of the time. One more thing my monitor has...
  14. prophet

    Full HD monitor buying help

    need advice for a full hd monitor HDMI port(must), within 11k, main purpose gaming and hd movies and may even hook up with and HD dth connection it should be 22" or more i have the following list DELL ST2220L ST2320L ST2420L LG E2251VR E2351VR E2241V IPS236V IPS226V IPS225V...
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