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    Suggest me An Android phone within 17k

    Hello friends,i want to buy a new android phone for me.I bought a htc explorer 6 months ago because of the budget problem.Now i am getting a chance to buy a new android phone within 17k.Here is what i need in the cellphone:- 1. Budget? under 17k 2. Display size? 3.7-4.5' (i do not want...
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    suggest me a Good Keboard(wired) with wrist rest support??

    Hi Guys, i am in need of a good keyboard with wrist rest support.I need the keyboard very urgently.So please suggest me as soon as possible.It is also okk if it is not a gaming keyboard. My budget is within 3k.I am waiting for replies. Regards,
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    suggest me a good 500gb ext hdd

    Hi Guys, i want to buy a 500 gb external hdd for my pc.Please suggest me which one is the best to buy(VFM). Waiting for replies.
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    Help required in buying a 16gb microsd card for Xperia Sola

    Hi friends, My cousin has bought Sony xperia sola mobile on his birthday last week and now he wants a 16gb microsd card for his mobile.I wonder why he wants a card as sola has interanal memory of 8gb.but he says his music and video collection is very large and he wants to do video...
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    Suggest me a Headphone for PC

    I want a Headphone/headset for my pc.Please tell me the cheapest and best quality headphones and also please provide a link to buy it. Please provide the suggestions under 2k but try to give suggestion as cheapest as possible. Waiting for replies. Regards, nx112
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    How to know if a fan is intake/exhaust??

    Can someone please tell me ,how to identify and also how to install them as i really don't know how to..... I want one exhaust for rear ,one exhaust for top and one intake for side. As for the side fan i want a transparent fan ,so please tell me which one to choose from coolermaster and...
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    How to download games for mobile??

    My brother has a Samsung Star 3 DUOS (gt-s5222).I want to know how to download games for this mobile and install it on mobile. He doesn't have any net plan active on his mobile ,so please tell me how to download from internet through my pc and then install it on his mobile?? Waiting for...
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    Suggest me a Bike within 55k

    Hi all, I want to Purchase a bike as soon as possible. My preference is MILEAGE also of 65+ .My clg is a way far from my home (about 23 km from my home) and the complete journey from home to cg and clg to home is 46km and i have to go to clg at least 4-5 days in a week (no bus after...
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    A cell Phone Under 10k??

    Hi friends , my cousin want a cell phone under 10k. So please provide me some suggestions. I have Lg optimus net p690,p698 ,Htc Explorer,Blackberry curve,sony ericsson xperia mini in my mind. You are free to provide the suggestions not listed by me. Please also give me a reason...
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    Suggest me a 16 gb pen derive

    Hi alll, I want to purchase a 16 gb pen drive ,it should be usb 2.0 as my system does not have any usb 3.0 port.My budget is 1.2k max.If a usb 3.0 usb drive came in that budget and doen not create any problem or troubles for me ,then it will also okk.Please suggest me fastest,cheapest...
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    suggest me a webcam under 1.2k

    I want to purchase a webcam .I can spend 1.2k max. I have an intex nightvision 400k (given by a friend to me for few days) and the video quality is very bad.The image capture quality is good.I want to record video of mine and also want to chat online through cam.I don't want a HD cam as the net...
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    No sound from Speakers :(

    My Intex speakers are not working.They suddenly stopped working when i removed the speaker main jack for 3-4 days .When i again inserted it,the speakers failed to produce sound,i don't know why. I thought it is a driver issue ,so i tried to uninstalling ,reinstalling the audio driver.Also...
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    How increase text size (font size) in windows 7

    Hii all, I want to increase the size of the text without altering any other thing like screen resolution or icon size,i just want bigger text.Is there any way?? I am using Windows 7.When i am using Xp ,there is an option in right click -> properties to increase the font size in use...
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    Help me choose books

    I want to buy a book based on english asked in competitive exams(MBA,GRE,bank PO etc).I have seen two books ,they are :- Objective English For Competitive Examinations by Hari Prasad Flipkart.com: Objective English For Competitive Examinations 0070151954: Book: Hari Prasad (9780070151956)...
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    A Good Cabinet under 3.5 k

    Hii all , i have bought a 6850 yesterday ,Still waiting for PSU so that i can install it without any problem .:| I am thinking of buying anew cabinet in the month of march or april's first week,So please suggest me a Good cabinet with good ariflow and good cable management . The...
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    IS techzonein.com a trusted website??

    Hi all, I want to know about Tech Zone India:- We Lead The Brands-Tech Zone India . Is it a genuine website?? Tech Zone -Tech Zone India I don't know know where to post this ,so i asked my question in this section.Can someone please tell me?? Any other good online website for purchasing...
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    Radeon HD 6770 or 6790 or 6850??

    Radeon HD 6770 ,HD 6790 and HD 6850. I want you guys to tell which is the best GPU at 1440*900 resolution and also works smooth in future for at least 3 years at this Resolution(or below it). HD 6770 has got the most positive reviews and it is a very good performer. HD 6790 consumes more...
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    Need Suggestions for buying a Graphic card

    I Need Suggestions for buying a Graphic card Hi all, First of All HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 :smile: I want to buy a Graphics Card.I can spend Upto 8k on card(total budget 10.5 k ) One of my friend also want to buy a graphic card though he can spend only 6k. I have shortlisted 4 cards,they are...
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