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  1. Satissh S

    Windows & Linux with 2 HDDs...

    Well.. i think it depends isn't it? ;-) (wow with that much space) A MUCH better solution IMHO is to use lvm. Here is a primer on lvm -> http://www.freeos.com/articles/3921/
  2. Satissh S

    which O.S should i use ?

    yep :P A Few Books : 1. UNIX Power Tools - Oreilly 2. Linux Application Development - Pearson/Education 3. Learning Perl (llama book) - Oreilly Randal Scwartz (very good)
  3. Satissh S

    Windows & Linux with 2 HDDs...

    So you installed Sabayon(gentoo) on sda and Windows on sdb right ? Boot into knoppix or some rescue livecd and mount all your linux partitions from the main drive, ie /dev/sda the 300 GB one in /mnt. Use swapon to enable swap space, if you have using swapon /dev/sdax or the swap file. Mount...
  4. Satissh S

    which O.S should i use ?

    Now that you have ubuntu installed.. you might want to pick a few books from the library. Its not necessary, but will certainly speed up the process. One book i can recommend is Oreilly's UNIX in a Nutshell.
  5. Satissh S

    intalling drivers for ubuntu

    If you want to find a ubuntu geek, you have one who has posted above me ;-)
  6. Satissh S

    intalling drivers for ubuntu

    As Eddie told, type these commands in a terminal. (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) sudo modprobe 8139too type that command, that loads the 8139too kernel module required for the onboard realtek ethernet cards. Then configure the network. I think, in GNOME its something like System...
  7. Satissh S

    Help needed for ubuntu

    My guess is that you got a kernel panic... there's nothing wrong with X Kernel Panics occur due to flacky hardware, Can you give me exact motherboard model ?? Do you have a asrock motherboard?? Something like Asrock - p4845gv/p4865gv ? There is something like AGI technology or whatever that...
  8. Satissh S

    I left Iceweasel(firefox) for some time.any suggestions?

    Galeon is also nice for GNOME http://galeon.sourceforge.net/
  9. Satissh S

    I left Iceweasel(firefox) for some time.any suggestions?

    cool !! :) Hey are you Prakash ?? changed your id? nice to see you yaar !! Let our love for GNU grow beyond bounds !!
  10. Satissh S

    I left Iceweasel(firefox) for some time.any suggestions?

    It uses the same gecko rendering engine as firefox but just the gtk2 interface rather than XUL. You can get more space for browsing if you want by disabling the menu bar using gconf-editor. Applications -> Epiphany -> Lockdown -> Show Menu Bar [OFF]. (or something similar) Control Tab wont work...
  11. Satissh S

    Guides for different distros

    Those are not nice, Seriously. He's such a self promoting lamer. And that thing on smart questions already has been blown out of proportions. If you want a really good resource on free software news, try this lwn.net. Its good. Current issue requires subscription however but just take a look...
  12. Satissh S

    Cannot install any linux distro!!!

    To the starter: You just tripped over a kernel bug probably. The scrollers you are talking about are kernel dumps. Try booting with acpi=off . Or try to run the processor with native clock settings. This used to happen to me in one of my older motherboards. This has nothing to do with X not...
  13. Satissh S

    the most user friendly distro

    I came to post this ;-) , depends on your defenition of user friendly. For me user freindly means anything that doesn't choose for you, that doesn't interfere in your way and that doesn't go out of the way to perform even trivial tasks. I'am sure most of you will agree, Slackware is the _most_...
  14. Satissh S

    Gentoo 2007.0 Released - First Gentoo release for 2007

    Did get the stage3 the very next day and cut my teeth a bit with it. But Linux is getting boring these days. There just too much quality distributions out there.. (Gentoo, Slackware , Arch .. LFS) I've been hanging around with FreeBSD and openBSD sometimes these days while reporting bugs in the...
  15. Satissh S

    The official thread for any and all discussion related to Apple Inc.

    Re: The official thread for any and all discussion related to Apple Macs. Sorry if i over read something as i just skimmed through the entire thread but actually applications are folders. UNIX files don't have an extension, these are merely sort of conventions. Most GUI Applications are present...
  16. Satissh S

    Why shd I b allowed to install Linux?

    Try telling that idiotic Fascist admin the merits of Free software. Heres what i did in my college. Approach the HOD and the principal of your college and try to convince them, you have to talk mostly in humble words with a bit of salt mixed here and there, also u have to back that up with ur...
  17. Satissh S

    Linux Installation Problem!

    huh. Then install it first. I cant understand a thing from what you are saying. You said earlier that you had SuSE installed.. didn't you?
  18. Satissh S

    Linux Installation Problem!

    :| I'm not very much into suse, ofcourse you can find that ntpd script in /etc/init.d or /etc/rc.d/ . I am not sure, anyways just use mv command to rename the file mv file1 file2 changes name of file 1 to file 2. Thats just a cheap way to do it. There must be some better way to manage startup...
  19. Satissh S

    A Good Project in PHP for my college project

    You can try to do a Test Center or something similar. You can look at moodle (http://moodle.org) for example ideas. Iam working for the same goal. :)
  20. Satissh S

    Linux Installation Problem!

    thats why i said, boot in rescue mode and remove/rename that script and post it here.
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