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  1. zbuu

    query: western digital caviar green 500 GB?

    I am interested in buying western digital caviar grenn 500 Gb hdd. i would like to know the Rpm of the same.(ie 7200 RPM Or 5400 RPM)(I couldn't find the info in the wd website) Plz reply. Also watz the diff between caviar green and cAaviar balck. I am gamer which one should i buy?(ie...
  2. zbuu

    Plz suggest best mobo (intel Chipset) under Rs 7000.

    hi guys Plz suggest best mobo (intel Chipset) under Rs 7000(max).
  3. zbuu

    Suugest a pc config for Rs 60000

    hi my friend has a budget of 60 k an d hes a gamer. plz suggest a good config .( preferably intel platform and also plz suggest a nvidia card . also plz suggest the best 24 inch Lcd Monitor monitor. also could u tell me the diff between Intel p45 and p43 chip set? which one is good for...
  4. zbuu

    Wifi conection sharing????????????

    Hi guys. i hav 2 computers @ home. one of em is connected with a utstatr com wireless router. heres my query. my 2nd computer is locaated in another room. i have a laptop and i m getting fairly good range there. the thing is i want net connectivity fo ma 2nd comp. i don't want to buy pci wi fi...
  5. zbuu

    I need Logitech x 540 speakers....... HELPP

    guys colud u tell me from where can i buy logitech x 540 speakers. im from bangalore. plz let me know if itz available in kerala and chennai too. if possible could u give me contact details. plzzzzz. i really need these speakers.plz help me.. :?: :?: :?:
  6. zbuu

    Using Asus My Logo 2??

    How do i use Asus My Logo 2 Feature on my p5 ld2 Vm
  7. zbuu

    trouble with Oen GL Games (Doom3, Q4)

    i hav a XFX 7600GS but for some reason q4and Doom 3 runs only at 60hz (Vsysnc is also on) res 1024*768, monitor bernq v772 nv driver 93.71 plz hlppppppppppppppp
  8. zbuu

    Mobo Helpppp

    This is my current spec p4 2.4,i865mbd 512mb ram (256*2),40gb hdd fx 5200 i would like to upgrade my system (For pcie support). is there any motherboard thats provides ALL the follwing features: 1)pentium 4 D 533-800 Mhz' 2)RAM DDr1 400mhz with dual chnl spprt aand 4x slots 3)5.1 sound...
  9. zbuu

    Price Difference btw ddr1 ddr 2

    what is the price diff betwenn 256MB DDR1 DDR2
  10. zbuu

    Intel® Desktop Board D101GGC FAQ

    Iwouldlike to know the follwing about Intel® Desktop Board D101GGC: ?Dual Channel (Does it support dula chnl ?5.1 (can i use 5.1 speakers) ?Onboard GFX(? X300?) (How is the perfomance of the onboard X300(is it dx9.0 comptble?) Perfomance (Ovrl perfomance) (plz also comment...
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