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  1. anzaan

    IE8 - compatibility view

    Hi ppl i just cant understand the "compatibility view" feature IE8. when i save a file, it sometimes gets saved as "compatibilty view" n m nt able to view it under normal mode. i just dnt understand the need of this view.. can someone throw more light on this idea of "compatibility view"???
  2. anzaan

    orkut and gmail doesnt opens!!!

    hi guys.. i have this problem and i hv tried searchng in google for references bt no help. I am using hathway connctn in bangalore and am not able to open orkut and gmail.com i chckd my firewall and its off and m nt blckng any sites. gmail opens sometimes so does orkut but most of the times...
  3. anzaan

    keboard light on n not working!!

    hi ppl... i hv an i-ball ps2 keyboard. recently my mobo gt crashed n hd to change it along wt processor. nw i hv amd sempron processor 3100. when i start my pc, all the 3 lights on the keybrd glows and the keyboard doest wrks. i tried the keyboard in diffrnt pc bt same problem. howevr othr...
  4. anzaan

    BSOD.. machine chec exception... frequent restart... failt to restart

    hi ppl.. my system is going thru a really bad phase. i hv an AMD 64 bit processr bougt in 2005. 512 mb RAM i gt BSOD(blank screen of death) wit the machine_check_exception also my system restarts frequently also sometimes it simply refuses to start before a few try. there was a short...
  5. anzaan

    need help over proxy server project

    hi ppl.. i m making project on proxy server in java. n need help regarding it. would appreciate if any1 can give me lessons from scratch. i gt a hang of Java and m thorough in c/c++. let me knw wat additionals i need to learn and how to develop proxy server using java... any help would be...
  6. anzaan

    loading xp n linux...

    hi ppl.. i m thinking to load xp n linux in my pc. i gt 4 partitions C,D,E,F. i already have xp in my system(in C). nw i want to load linux in F partition. the Q is... the data tat r in D n E drive... will i be able to acces those data from linux as well or not?? kindly reply..
  7. anzaan

    internet tv??

    hi.. can u suggests a good internet tv software?? i googled it ,there r lots out there.. so jst wanted a suggestion from ppl wu r already using such software.. i have a net speed of 256kbps n using adsl router..
  8. anzaan

    what is ur download speed??

    hi ppl.. i guess most of u use p2p clients to download. i use limewire pro... n i get download speed of around 30kbps. can uplz share ur download speeds (also guys using torrent clients like..bitcomet etc..)??
  9. anzaan

    firefox hangs!! help

    hi.. my firefox hangs very frquently.. its been such a trouble tat i have shifted to using IE nw. it started wen i installed the campus edition of firefox. and some add-ons liek stumble.. after tat my firefox keeps hanging after a few mins of use. i tried installing other versions also...
  10. anzaan

    rm files and converters??? queries

    hi ppl... there r certain queries m luking an ans for. i use real mediaplayer, quick time n vlc for playing video files... thse players play all the possible files. but i read in other threads abt k-lite n ffdshow as universal players... i wl chk tat out lately i downloaded a .rm extension...
  11. anzaan

    iertutil.dll prob

    hi guys... recently i had this problem while installing/uninstalling IE7. the file called "iertutil.dll" goes missing from ur windows\system32 folder. and it bans evrything from opening. however downloading the same file and pasting it in the windows/system32 folder solves the problem...
  12. anzaan


    hi ppl... i have a prob my windows xp (sp2) pc doesnt starts. the error displayed is explorer.exe-unable to locate the component The application has failed to start because iertutil.dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix the problem. the same error is displayed wen i try to...
  13. anzaan

    morpheus virussed!!

    hi .. here is my prob. i used to use morpheus for downloading stuffs. nw lately i may have downloaded a virus along with a file. i use avast antivirus. wenever i run morpheus it detects the virus in "morpheustoolbar.exe" and morpheus hangs while opening. the avast aint able to rectify the...
  14. anzaan

    my monitor is blank!! help

    hi ppl... i gt a problem. whenver i strart my pc, the monitor stays blank. i gt windows xp in my pc. the windows start properly bt nothing comes on the monitor ( how do i knw windows start properly? the starting and ending windows sound plays n also i m able to turn offf the systme using...
  15. anzaan

    yahoo msgrnr virus!!

    how many of u gt infectd wth the yahoo msgrn virus tat just sends a virus msg to all ur frens in the list? i gt infctd and my task manager has been blocked. when i press crt+alt+del they say "task manager has been blocked by administrator" ??? also in my Internet explorer, the default page has...
  16. anzaan

    need help to format!!

    hey ppl... i m thinking to format my pc. i dnt have much idea about how to do it. so i have few Qs to ask... how to do formatiing of my pc? i gt 4 patitions.. can i format individual partitions or i have to format all together and then how do i partition again?? i gt to take backups. n if take...
  17. anzaan

    i need notepad help

    i have a windows 98 OS in my system. bt the notepad is missing. actually i was installing the norton antivirus in my pc and after preinstall scan an error came "cant locate notepad.exe . notepad needed to read txt file" i searchd my pc bt there aint notepad. may be it gt deleted accidentally. i...
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