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  1. makwanamilan96

    How to Find if My Laptop has M.2 SSD or Not

    I purchased HP Laptop and I want to install M.2 SSD in it. It has existing 2 TB HDD and DVD Writer. How to check if it has M.2 SSD Slot or not ? Here is the Laptop Model Link HP Notebook - 15-bs180tx Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support
  2. makwanamilan96

    please guide purchasing laptop warranty and adp

    I have purchased hp-15 bs180tx laptop from a reseller in Gujarat in India. he said get warranty online from hp site. I have checked out hp website and it is so annoying that they have lots of care pack for accidental damage protection and extend the warranty. please tell me about how can i...
  3. makwanamilan96

    Can i post screenshot from digit magazine to my blog ?

    Hey There ! I own 20+ issues of digit magazine (Hard copies). All the issues are very much informative with their guides and how-to-do tutorials. I have my community blog and as well as my personal blog. Some of the topics like science , career related topics and also some tech articles...
  4. makwanamilan96

    [Want to Buy] Xiaomi Mi Band FCODE

    Hi ! I wanted to buy xiaomi mi band but it is out of stock. I can still purchase it if i have FCODE of mi band. If any one of you have FCODE then please replay back. Thanks
  5. makwanamilan96

    Android one Confusion

    At the launching time all 3 android one device price was similar. but now they are selling at diff price. and karbonn android one which was launched on snapdeal is being sold at 4790 with free 8 GB memory card. After watching lots of review all says performance is similar as hardware is...
  6. makwanamilan96

    [ADVICE] Shipping Mobile From Malaysia to India

    My Friend from malasia want to send Samsung galaxy S-II to me. The Mobile is OLD. I am willing to pay courier or Shipping Charges. I can't find any affordable way. I know there are the option like Fedex,DHL etc but they charge very high.:-( I am also not aware about any custom...
  7. makwanamilan96

    Information Of Software

    The name of Software : Selenium i want to know what Actually it does. and How it can help me as i am an Engineer. this Software knowledge is required for Q&A engineer.
  8. makwanamilan96

    Which Tablet to buy ?

    My requirement is very different from the stuff you generally see i am looking for budget tablet which follows budget: 6-7 k display: 7" Brand : any camera : dont matter os : android connectivity :wifi most important Primary use of handset : Movie movie and movie watching !! #no other...
  9. makwanamilan96

    Want to buy new Tablet near 10k-11k. Some Advice...

    I have watched review of HCL ME Y3 (Dual sim) Tablet. i have confusion for it display (1) is it have IPS LCD or not ???? because Digit june edition Says It "IPS LCD" and HCL site says it "WSVGA HD Screen" and one more thing Does it able to play Full HD(1080p) videos because it is said...
  10. makwanamilan96

    Micromax introduces Smart Stick

    This converts the LED TV into smart TV it is connected to HDMI port OF TV.. now i am little bit confused about The product. they says you can connect keyboard,mouse and USB dongle with it. so to use internet we need to connect keyboard and dongle as well so how to connect with Stick >>...
  11. makwanamilan96

    Hard Drive Is not listed

    Hi Everyone ! Don't know where to post this Thread But posted Here ! I am Using windows 7 ultimate In my desktop I have 160 gb Hard disk which is partition in 40*4=160 Gb I have total 4 partition C:\ (OS) D:\ (SONGS) E:\ (MOVIES) F:\ (SOFTWARES) Size is Listed In Screenshot File...
  12. makwanamilan96

    Hard disk not detected by system

    i was cleaning my CPU after cleaning, when i start the system system does not start means operating system does not load display says "No boot device detected " it means hard disk is not detected by system i tried restart ,recheck all cable connection it is sata harddisk..so i tried...
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