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    Sony SB series laptop

    ANYone bought any of this series of Sony laptop? how is it?
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    APC UPS BR800IN problems

    My APC UPS BR800IN (out of warranty) with a clicking sound flashed from green to amber(battery light) repeatedly..there is nothing wrong with my electrical line. the other UPS has no such problem. i can start the UPS in battery mode without line. In both the case.the socket at the back..live...
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    Dell India Payment Options

    They are forcing me to accept the option to "have a dell rep call me", and they also have option to "not have a dell rep call me" but that option dont work.. lol before i submit to their force, i would like to know what u guys opted for as a payment option. So what u guys think is a better...
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    Price of Exide 12V 7AH battery

    Have anyone bought the 12V 7AH batteries recently of Exide or other companies? If so then what is the current market price? Thanks
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    1 TB HDD Suggestion

    Hey guys and gals... i am looking for a 1TB HDD Not quite in touch with current hardware, so if anyone has recently bought a 1TB HDD or has been using it for sometime, Suggest which one is the one i should go for.. thanks
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    Looking for 19"/22" LCD monitor

    Have scoured the forums and so far haven't come to a conclusion as to what to buy to replace one of my LCD monitors which have breathed its last breathe a week ago..My sincere apology to forumers if you think it is one thread too many which talk about similar stuffs. Am looking for a 19" or 22"...
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    Domains and Web Hosts

    i am looking to register a .in domain however i have no experience with any indian domain seller. Those who have experience of buying a domain from indian provider or any other provider of .in domain, please share your experience and recommend from your experience or from your friends...
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    UPS cant operate on generator line

    a friend has a problem of operating the APC UPS 800VA while on generator line. It switches to backup battery mode when the load on the generator line increases and fluctuation in voltage occurs frequently. according to him, a stabilizer was installed but didnt have any positive results. probably...
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    Buying LAN cable and connector

    After messing around with wireless gain custom antenna..and all i think using wire to connect is faster.. and I havent ever bought anything like that before.. So could somebody give me the detailed direction to any shop in chandni, Kolkata which sell the LAN cable...and also fit the connectors...
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    p35 or p45

    my old pc has been sent to the trashbin so i have to buy processor, memory, motherboard, psu only so far i have decided on Processor: E7200 psu: coolermaster extreme power 600w motherboard: ? p35 based or p45 based..took a look at abit ip35-e and msi p45 neo-f memory: i thought of using the...
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    G-Skill F2-6400CL4D-2GBHK 2GB (1GB x 2) 800Mhz

    G-Skill F2-6400CL4D-2GBHK 2GB (1GB x 2) 800Mhz Is it available in kolkata? did anybody buy it? and what is the cost? how is your experience of it? if there is already a post of it, then point me to it as I cant find it in the search results...
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    one long beep 2 short beeps

    my old pc amd 64 3200+ 939 asus a8n-sli pe 7600gt 1gb ddr400 kingston antec sp-400w bought 2006 today suddenly while it was running, one long beep and two short beep was emitting from the PC continuously...no display removing graphics cards and reseating it have the same beeps codes try with...
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    Buying Optical drives

    I am looking to buy an optical drives capable of burning CD and DVD media and that basically means the need is a DVD writer. I am confused and can't decide which one to buy especially because one cannot rely on reviews anymore. The better test to decided what to buy is reliability and users...
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    Sony AW-G170A

    I got the Sony AW-G170A (firmware 1.62) and I am getting the power calibration error while burning DVD-R using nero 7, it burn OK with CD. The DVD-R brand is Verbatim. SMPS: Corsair HX620 I connected one 4 pin cable directly to the dvd writer On further check, the retail box that i got along...
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    My PC detecting a floppy drive

    I dont know when it happen but i found a floppy drive being shown as A:\ in the removable storage area in my computer...the strange thing is i dont have a floppy drives at all...and i didnt mount any such drive also.. going to device manager, i uninstall the floppy disk controller and floppy...
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    php encoder

    i am trying to find a good preferably free encoder for php script. Have anyone here use any and whats your experience of it
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    access to all application denied

    q6600 asus p5n32-e sli kingston 1gbx2 corsair hx620 250gbx2 non-raid 7600gt creative audigy 7.1 dlink wifi card linksys wrt54g wirelessly connected Windows XP sp2 with autopatcher july 2007 applied zonealarm pro 7 avg free page file set to system managed in c:\ I am logged in administrator. I...
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    boot/bios screen filled with characters

    I have a relative who is using an ancient system with the following specs It is LG branded PC. Motherboard is gigabyte 81845 gvm-rz (it is shown on the motherboard) In short, According to him, he has downloaded some songs and then windows xp crashes. Now when the PC is started, in the boot...
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