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    VLC 2.0 Released

    All blueray discs are supported? any one tested this?
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    Mobile deals + price updates by Digitians

    Hi, Is there any Nokia X2-01 offer less than Rs3450(flipkart)? I need this phone for one of my relative and under 4000 this seems to be a good cell.
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    You have to be a computer scientist to use Android - Ballmer

    Why these type of statements only come from MS CEO's? (Remember bill's 640k ram remark!)
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    From the Editor's Desk

    Hi Raabo, I've posted a hosting offer on bazaar section almost 10 days back, but it seems it never went public. Why this is happening to my bazaar posts?
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    [OFFER] Register .com/.net/.org Domain Name for $1.99

    But, usually Godaddy's offers are for new registrations only not for transfers.
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    Government To Launch $35 Tablet On Oct 5

    Nobody knows the specs, Doubt how good it will be compared to the commercially available ones in the market!
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    Android Tablet

    "only compitable with huawei 3g stick" Are you shipping this 3g modem also with the product?
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    clearance sale

    Do you still have the PSU? Can you ship it to Sagar, Karnataka? What'll be the shipping cost?
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    BSNL Broadband to offer new Advance Rental Plans with more discount

    Most of them have completed their engineering/diploma in 1960's and struggling to be updated with newer technologies.
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    Samsung Chat 322 query

    Most of the Samsung cells are not so java friendly, that's why I stay away from them.
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    Need suggestions for a mobile

    seems x2 is good. but, is there any dual sim alternative from some other company?
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    Need suggestions for a mobile

    Hi, My friend's son wants to buy a mobile and has a budget of around Rs 3000. required features.. + atleast 2.4 inch screen + qwerty keypad + gprs, bluetooth + java supported + vga camera + support for memory card I checked for Spice qt61 but seems to have battery problem.. thx...
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    Biggest April Fool Prank by Google :)

    Got fooled. But, nice one.
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    $10/year- CPanel/Softaculous/SiteBuilder/R1Soft- 1gb/10gb- 99.9% uptime- 24x7 support

    ExpertWebHost.NET is a premium web hosting company providing affordable shared and reseller web hosting service. We have affordable and well planned hosting plans. Easy upgrades allows the customer to have bigger plan when required. We offer realistic hosting plans and fully allow you to use...
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    Microsoft kills Office anti-piracy program

    I don't understand why they are dropping OGA. If at all they are dropping it, what happens to WAT?
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    BSNL's first ever loss is a whopping INR 1800 crores!

    BSNL can't survive with their inefficient work force.
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    2x1 GB Kingston DDR2 RAM @ 800Mhz

    hi vishal, is this still available? if available, may I have it for Rs1200?
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    Cheap domains and resellers

    i think it is against their TOS to sell your bought hosting plans.
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    New Technology - A camera affixed behind your back?

    Good or bad, there is no end to human creativity!
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    Need suggesstion for good querty keyboard + wifi + HTML mail support mobile

    Try Nokia C6. Has everything you asked. Great smart phone.
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