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    Windows 7 messed up :(

    I was downloading stuff off torrents and wanted to resize a partition from 90GB to 100GB.I used Paragon Partition Manager to do so and during the operation it restarted and my pc wasn't booting after that.I lost all the data from that partition (86.4GB)! I used my ubuntu live CD and fixed the...
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    Monitor Suggestion.

    Hey guys.I need a monitor for my old home pc,It's on a CRT atm and it screwed up.Need a monitor below 5k for it or may be the cheapest possible.Mom needs it.
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    file transfer question

    So I recently updated to windows 7,great stuff :). So my question is how do I transfer stuff from vista to 7 (7 is on a seperate partition,I only need the stuff from C: (windows partition) rest games etc are on either E: or F:.I would delete Vista when I'm perfectly sure that everything is...
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    Processor failing to stay at stock clock speed.

    Hello friends.My Pc, Which I brought around 7 months ago, which has a E8400 with a stock speed of 3.0ghz (Mind you, It hasn't been overclocked.Not even ever removed,not even touched,nothing.) was suddenly starting to feel a bit slow. After few minutes I launched up CPU-Z only to find that it...
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    Need to resize linux partiton

    By mistake I have given my Ubuntu partition lots of extra space, And I am lacking space on Windows to store stuff on.So I need to resize my Windows partition while reducing the size of the Linux partition. So, which Software can probably help me?. I've tried Paragon Partition Manager it does...
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    Vista driver error

    Guys my keyboard is not working in Vista due to a driver error,Confirmed its a driver error because its working in Ubuntu flawlessly.In Vista in Control Panel under Keyboard section it shows one driver as unsigned.Im on Vista x64 btw,which imo doesnt work without signed drivers.So can anything...
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    Need help selecting a credit card

    Guys so I need a credit card basically for online purchases (mostly).Intrest charged must be low and no other special benefits needed.Actually im just 14 and im getting it registered at moms name and use it lol.Any bank is ok.(And im yet to understand how a credit card ACTUALLY works,most others...
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    Ubuntu 7.10 hangs at startup screen

    Hangs WHENEVER I try starting Ubuntu.Last time it worked was 10 days ago.Tried rebooting 3 times today, but it's refusing to start up.Wtf man somebody please help me.
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    Any free alternative to Ms word

    Well, i've got projects to do and I've got a new computer without MS office.Since I don't wanna use pirated MS word, I need your suggestions for a better alternative. Features needed : Should be compact,free and a good alternative. (Portability is preferred due to CRAP internet with a cap :( )
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    Need help in choosing a career

    Whenever anyone questions me what career are you gonna opt for, I always reply "haven't thought of it yet" Since this special educational thread has been created for those in need,I need your help guy,s to help me select a career. It would be of great help if you guys highlight pro's and...
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    Need to buy a headphone

    For gaming purposes,especially Counter Strike.Need a mic along with it,it would be fine without it,but would be great with it lol.Budget is around 2k.Please suggest ones which are commonly available in stores etc coz I can't order online (credit card isssues)
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    Need the cheapest config possible

    My mom wants to learn pc and stuff.Just LEARN,nothing else.Coz I'm on this pc most of the time,she wants a seperate one to just learn.It should have all the parts (except g.card).So suggest a config within 15 k.
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    Forums/Websites which YOU find interesting.

    So yeah.I'm quite bored and would like to surf websites/forums YOU mention of any field.Particularly the ones you find the most intresting,obviously other than Thinkdigit.
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    Ubuntu 7.10 live cd not booting

    The instructions mentioned to just keep it inside the disk and restart.Thats what I did,several times,but it starts Vista :(.Have 2 7.10 CD's both not working :(.Halp.
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    ting ting ting sound coming from cabby.

    3 times.Very frequently,I have a Zebronics Antibiotics btw.Its showing the temp(on the screen on cabby) as 40.1c.Please help.
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    SE198WFP optimum settings

    Bought a new comp.Need optimum settings for my Dell coz its looking a bit blurry and enlarged. My config E8400 Transcend 2GB RAM Ati HD4850 Dell SE198WFP Abit IP35-E WD 640GB Zebronics Antibiotics + Powersafe 500W Logitech Spill Resistant Keyboard Microsoft Comfort 1000 Mouse
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    Pc in 45k

    Max 45k.Need everything except UPS.
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    Can a DVD Writer read and burn CDs too?

    Can it?.Please recommend one within 1.5-2k.
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    Help to buy a rig and a few queries

    Buyed one last in 2004.Budget is 35k, can increase a BIT.Need everything.Processor to mouse.I know there's an individual thread for this,but it's not updated since a while so,I'm asking here. So yeah,got some queries too. 1) I've never before assembled a pc.I've read few guides on building...
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    Need help to buy a Bicycle.

    Help me in buying a cycle(bicycle).Budget is 5k.can increase a BIT if it's worth.Any model,any company.
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