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    Want to build a pc for cousin under or~40K

    Can you tell me at what cost did you buy these components ?
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    Best gfx under 10k

    Even at low settings 1080p ? Seriously now consoles seems better option [emoji28]
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    Best gfx under 10k

    Some dealers in nagpur have quoted me 1)9.8k for zotac 750ti 2 GB oc edition 2)8.6k for sapphire R7 260x 2 GB oc edition Which is the best bang for my buck for next 3 years of 1080p gaming ? Also Pls tell me which is or might be most stable ? (don't want to start an amd vs nvidia war here)...
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    Say that again after windows 10 and direct 12 launches. OK. Btw both need to exist and both rock for different reasons. In Indian context where MOST parents are anti gaming.(yeah they will let you buy a 50k rig or even 70k laptops saying it's for educational purpose, and I am talking about...
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    Gaming laptop at around 45k

    Yeah you are right. That might be some buggy drivers. Woah now I will stop recommending people to go for laptops with 830m
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    Gaming laptop at around 45k

    Sorry guys, I think the z50 has been dethroned. The hp Pavilion p210tx seems almost similar. I haven't seen it personally but recommend the Op to check out this model as it has the same specs with better or worse screen. (1080p display /8 GB ram /1 tb HD /2 GB 830m) [830m=840m too close in...
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    PC under 50k

    Isn't a i3 4130 or an amd Fx 6300 more suited for users requirement.
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    Post the dumbest thing you've ever heard about technology :cool:

    Facing the same problem as those you helped. Don't know what I like dislike /want to be.
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    GPU within budget of 10-12k

    Yes gtx 750ti/R7 260x will play gta 5 fhd at mid settings. On other note guys pls recommend sapphire R7 260x as it's now priced 8700/- locally. Save some bucks.
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    want a new PC for gaming and quality music playing.

    Seems a little pricey to me. Intel i5 4440 :- 11000/- would have been okay. Also corsair vengeance 8 GB 4800/- is what my vendor quotes.
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    Help in assembling a PC

    And if he doesn't, even the R7 260x(Rs 8500)would be way too overkill .
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    Gaming laptop around 50-60k

    Oh yeah one more thing the y50 display sucks.
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    Gaming laptop around 50-60k

    Cmon guys stop doing this. Even if fk increased y50 price doesn't mean it's 80k everywhere. Anyone can get y50 with 4gb gfx max 72k. Anyways the gigabyte seems awesome. Also I suggest Op to wait for y50 with 960m and ips display. Might launch under 80k within a month or two.
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    Cheapest gaming rig with 750ti and R7 250x.

    I am building these rigs for two of my friends. I have the above quoted rig which I bought in December.
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    Cheapest gaming rig with 750ti and R7 250x.

    Now when I think about that, my rigs just a waste of money. Should have saved some on the processor. Also what's the difference between h81m-s1 and b85m-d3h ? My rig :- I5 4440 - 11250/- Gigabyte b85m-d3h - 5800/- Corsair vengeance 4 GB- 2600/- Dell s2240l - 8600/- (could have got it for 8k...
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    Cheapest gaming rig with 750ti and R7 250x.

    Wouldn't a 750ti be an overkill for a 720p monitor ? Can I get a R7 250x for the 35k config ? Just need to play modem games at med settings for next 3 years. Also will these configs play Witcher 3?
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    Cheapest gaming rig with 750ti and R7 250x.

    Not cheap bro not cheap. Make it as dirty as possible.
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    Cheapest gaming rig with 750ti and R7 250x.

    Hi guys need suggestion for two rigs with these two graphics cards. The rigs need to be as cheapest as possible. El cheapo [emoji16]. Monitor included. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work'...
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