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    HP Envy 17 with 6850m

    Hey guys, I am thinking of buying a hp envy 17 2070nr from us @ around 1300$. Do you think its a good buy? Also can the 6850m handle the latest games @ 900p in mid-high settings?
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    Powercolor 6950 pc++ (with 6970 bios switch)

    Hey guys check this out apparently this 6950 comes with a switch to change the bios to that of the 6970 giving nearly the same performance :shock::shock: PowerColor HD 6950 PCS++ 2 GB Review - Page 1/28 | techPowerUp Thinking of getting my friend to buy this from australia. Is this a good...
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    MSI 6950 2gb vs MSI gtx 560 twin frozr II

    Hey guys, I was about to purchase a gtx 560 twin frozr II + seasonic s12II 520w PSU for ~19k, when i came across a combo of MSI 6950 2gb+ corsair vx 550 for ~20k. Confusion again :evil::evil: Another factor is that ive never overclocked before and am not willing to take any risks...
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    Somebody suggest a good place to buy graphics cards in Chennai

    Hi, So for some reason graphic cards are very expensive in chennai. I have checked a few ritchie street shops. Hers what i found Saphire 6850 Delta Eectronics -11600 TheITdept - 11510 Other ritchie street shops - 11000 Sapphire 6870 Delta Eectronics -15350 TheITdept - 14385 Other...
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