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    Mtnl Charging Rental

    From first of this month Mtnl has started to charge Rs. 50/- rental for wireless modem which they said would be free to unlimited usage customers. Is the beetel modem non refundable cause if it is i would like to give it back and get a new and better router rather than using their useless modem...
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    DVD Burning Issue

    Hi guys I have just purchased a new LG GH24NS70.. to burn disc i am using moser baer blank dvd. So far i have tried to burn 3 blank dvd's all divx movies. It shows that the dvd is created succesfully but when i try to play in all 3 disc it has made the same error out of 5-6 movies that burnt...
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    PC Crashes

    Hi My pc just crashes twice today no BSOD's when checked in EVENT viewer getting error Error 6008 The previous system shutdown at 11:29:00 AM on ‎3/‎19/‎2011 was unexpected. Event 41 Kernal Power The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if...
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    Post Issue

    Hi I have a Asus M4A785TD-V EVO and AMD Phenom 955 with 4GB Kingston ram and 600 watt smps. My problem is whenever i start the system it wont power on but if i start after 2 minutes of waiting it will power on. When it powers on by the time it reaches the desktop there would be no power on my...
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    Monitor Flickering

    Hi guys I have a samsung 2243 nwx 22" monitor. It works fine but whenever i watch AVI (Divx) movies only on full screen mode the upper screen of my monitor flickers. I thought it was a power problem but it works fine whenever i watch movies in different formats like .Dat or .Vob or wmv etc...
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    Change Language settings

    Hi I just got a movie DVD from my freind. When i run that DVD it is in chinese. My freind says he has seen the DVD and in English. He said when he ran the cd in his laptop it gave him an option to run in english or chinese. Which i am not getting. Could someone pls tell me if i have to use some...
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    Gaming PC

    Hi all I wanted to purchase a PC for hardcore gaming.... For the processor i have AMD in mind.. but i am a bit confused as many people suggest ASUS and some say MSI ... Could someone pls suggest which MB should i opt for.... one of my friends has ASUS SLI deluxe..... where the perfomance is...
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    Directx 10

    Hey guys is the latest version of directx just compatible with vista or can i install it with win xp sp2
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    Gaming PC

    Hello friends. Has anyone of u guys used the ASUS Croasshair or Striker Extreme...i wonder if someone can give me a feedback. Does anyone know the price in mumbai and any ongoing conflicts if any. I was planning to buy a gaming pc and these 2 MB came highly recommended.. Thanks
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    Windows Media Player codecs

    Hi guys I just purchased a DVD writer but when i play a vob file in VLC player its works but when i play it in Windows media player it gives me an error. Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer. could someone pls tell me...
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    Warranty Card

    Hi guys... I just purchased a sony DRU830 DVD Writer. But when i opened the box there was no warranty card in it.. anyone who has purchased this product did they recieve a warranty card. Now i am not sure if this is a genuine piece or not.
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    PC very slow

    My PC is running slow from the past 4-5 days. whenever i run a game it just dies. My pc runs fine if i run any application or movie. When i checked the system configuration utility i saw an entry "dumprep 0-k". Anywayz i unchecked it and restarted my PC and i am still facing slow speed issues. I...
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    PC Restarts while playing game ??

    Hey guys ... whenever i am playing a game my PC restarts automatically after showing a blue screen for a second and when it restarts i get an error code. which is Error Signature : BCCode : 100000d1 BCP1 : 7B800212 BCP2 : 00000002 BCP3 : 00000001 BCP4 : F91375D9 OSVer...
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    Sony DRU 830A

    I want to buy a DVD writer and the dealor says that Sony Dru830A is the latest and best. Has anyone purchase this dvd writer and could they give me a feedback as to how is the performance, pros , cons etc. Also the price given to me by the dealor is Rs. 2650 /- is it ok or am i paying more.
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    Divx Converter

    Hey guys could someone pls help and tell me how to increase resolution of a divx movie. I already have one on my hard drive but i want to increase to higher resolution before copying it into a CD. Secondly pls tell me how to convert a .WMV file to divx. Thanxs
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    Divx DVD Player

    Hi guys... I have heard a lot about new DVD players in the market like phillips n LG who can play Divx movies. Could somone pls help me i have many divx movies on my hard drive if i copy it directly to a cd-r will i be able to play it on these DVD players or do i need a special software to...
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    Best Dvd Writer

    :D Hey guys i wanted to purchase a Dvd writer. Which one do you thnk is the best and please mention any issues if you faced with your DvD writer.
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    Graphic Issues with GTA3

    :D I am playing GTA3 but the issue is graphic problems. I have played Vice city which runs perfect even on 1024x768 resolution. I have even played games which require higher resolution than GTA3 with no issues at all. I have a Dual Boot OS when i installed it on WIn XP. there was missing...
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    Compressing Movie using Nero

    Hey guys, I am using nero 5. I want to burn a 725 MB movie (DAT) File on a cd which is 700mb. could anyone please tell me how to compress this file so that it fits. Otherwise i get an error that the file cannot be copied.
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    Processor overheating

    :cry: :cry: I have a intel 865gbf with 2.4 intel processor and 256 mb of ram. I have also alloted 96 mb of ram to the integrated video. The system runs fine if i am surfing or working on any applications. But the problem starts when i begin to play games. After 15-20 minutes i get a beep...
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