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    Mp3 To Midi

    hi i want to convert mp3 files to midi and mid how can i and from which software and i also want to know the site from which i can download the software plz help me. :P :?: :shock: :arrow:
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    Big Problem(Urgent)

    hi guys i have n6630 and im having problem because i want t o play midtown madness on it the game requirs much memory.so i decided to restart the device and when i restarted it gave a error phone startup failed.contact the retailer. plz dont reply that contact the retailer bcoz i want to...
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    hi guys i want to know from which site i can download pokemon for nokia 6630 plz hel p and also some good games for n 6630 and also their site but i only want free games.plz tell me
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    Hi i wanty to convert .mpeg and .dat files to .3Gp and Mp4. I alos want to convert .mp3 files to .mid or .midi. i want to know the softwares and also their site i only want to free software. plz help.
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    Phone Formatting

    hi guys i have nokia 6630 and want to format my phone memory(not memory card)how can i.like the shopkeepers do plz i want to know because my phone hans many times.
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    Anybody knows any cheat codes site.i have nokia 6630 and want cheatcodes of bounce,metal bluster,snake,metal slug,etc.plz refer me any good site.
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    I had downloaded smslove.sis on my system and then on my cell.1st time it ran my my cell but now its opening and suddenly shuts so plz tell me the problem and also how to use it again. My mobile is Nokia 6630 I had also formated my mmc.but nothing happened plz help me its urgent u...
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    Best Mobile Its Urgent

    Which is the best mobile this time money no bar. which is the best mobile of nokia nad se.no other compant plz help me near 25-30 k
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    Nokia 6600

    What is the cost of nokia 6600.
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    Ip address

    i want to knows anybodies ip plz tell me how to trace it plz.
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    Ha guys i m in prob. with my yahoo messenger. When i want to go in any chat room it gives an error saying Your Request Was Refused. Always from a week.Same problem with my friendz.So,please help me
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    There is any free software from which we can download whole site & we can operate full site offline. :D :evil: :twisted:
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    Yahoo Audibles

    From where we can download YAHOO AUDIBLES.Any yahoo message decoder(free) :evil: :x :P :oops: :wink: :roll:
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    Yahoo Archive

    Which is the best Yahoo Message decoder(freeware)
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    Help Help Help

    What can I do with my April DVD if I am not a subscriber.On which Numbur should I call to get a new one. :oops: :x :wink:
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    In July's month Digit u discribed that there is MIDTOWN MADNESS 2 on the cover of the Digit. But I got MIDTOWN MADNESS 1. So please help me that it is MIDTOWN MADNESS 1 OR MIDTOWN MADNESS 2... :D :) :( :o 8) :? :shock: :P :oops: :cry: :wink: :roll: :twisted: :evil: :!: ...
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    Virtual Drive

    Hi Guys I am in a great problem. After installing Win.XP. SP2 I have a problem with my vitual drive. Whenever I install Virtual drive 7.0 I got an error saying that (unable to initialize,plese restart ur computer. When I restart my computer nothing happens. :roll: :) :D :shock...
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    I have installed Nortan Antivirus 2005.But It gives an error (Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect cannot load bcoz yur virus prouction updates are not valid.Please use LiveUpdate to download & install new virus Protection updates).Please help me. :D :) :( :o :lol: 8) :oops: :cry: :wink...
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    HOW WE CAN POST OUR POLL IN FORUM OR MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT :D :) :( :o :lol: 8) :oops: :P :twisted: :evil: :arrow:
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