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    LED OR Plasma

    Thanks for the quick reply. I was very apprehensive about buying a plasma after seeing how dull it looked at those multi branded retail stores, would it perform similarly.in a home environment.I guess it should be fine with a single artificial light source, as long as there is no direct...
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    LED OR Plasma

    Hi guys! I was thinking of buying a new tv.my budget is rs 50k +5k(at max).now in this range im sure I would be getting a 40" screen.other features like internet browsing or 3d are bonus but not necessary. The first question is about the display technology. I know that plasmas offer better...
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    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming To iOS And Android Later This Fall

    San Andreas on a mobile platform will be outright amazing...However i doubt that our smartphones will be a ble to handle a gta 5
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    Xperia U - Will it work in UK if bought from India

    of course,it will..but u will have to check with sony for info on international warranty
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    dextr. A new keyboard layout for mobiles

    I'm still gonna use the QWERTY Keyboards.This would be a radical change from my typing habits,Not worth it!
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    Halo 4 coming on PC???

    could be possible.ms did launch halo 2 for the PC when they started their LIVE service for windows.however,at Max,it might be halo 3....Look at the cycle -when halo could be possible.ms did launch halo 2 for the PC when they started their LIVE service for windows.however,at Max,it might be halo...
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    Can we use an HD Capture Card to hook up a console to our laptop?

    I'm looking for a solution to link up my XBOX360 to my laptop as my TV has gone i for repairs.I read somewhere on the internet that the only method to do so is to use a tv tuner or capture card .Will this suffice?AVerMedia launches Game Broadcaster HD capture card for consoles and PC, at Rs...
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    Would you buy a $99 xbox 360?

    confused.im not sure whether this actually is a ripoff or not
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    Allied Computers, Genuine or scam?

    Where did u get any details on pricing? i can not find anything except the official website on googling it.Also its way past the release date stated.
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    Steam Expands Beyond Games

    Steam vs Origin.Advantage-Steam.Although might I suggest that instead of adding productivity apps,the should instead have mods,patches etc.
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    looking for iit jee coaching institute

    You Have posted in the wrong section....This is not a forum to discuss iit jee coaching institutes.Just google your query
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    Allied Computers, Genuine or scam?

    U guys got the wrong idea.Actually they are gonna have several models.the on for 49k would obviously be the base model.while the specs above are for the highest one.any idea on when it is gonna be released?
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    PS Vita Discussion thread

    gaming on a mobile platform like the ios or android are meant for the large section of casual gamers who get their fix by slinging birds.They can never be a substitute for the core gaming crowd.No one can say which one is better.Its just that they are meant for two completely different people. :)
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    New XBOX 360 controller defective?

    this really isn't any issue...maybe you were not used to the x360 gamepad
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    iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Event and Release Date Rumor!

    It looks like the competition has forced Apple to go against Steve Jobs' vision
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    1000 Mbps Google Fiber service hits Kansas City

    While the news itself makes us drool,This may never come to India in the first place.
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    Microsoft announces Outlook.com as Hotmail's successor

    It surely looks to be a move to tackle Google's Gmail.Let us see whether it succeeds or not.:-?
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    PS Vita Discussion thread

    If onlythey could reduce the prices,i would go for it.Sony has got everything right with the ps vita,right from the hardware to the variety of control options,except the pricing,of course:-)
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    Halo 4 Stunning pictures

    The pictures look amazing.amazing graphics engine...also the game looks a lot cleaner now,new sharp lines depicting grenades,ammo,guns etc...i had observed a similar change when switching from halo3 to halo:reach...good job 343 industries:-)
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    PS Vita from The US

    1)yes,the vita is region free.all sony consoles are 2)not likely.the device is in the first few years of it's lifetime 3)get it buddy. even the nintendo 3DS was very slow to start off with..Industry critics complained about it being kiddish,not having a good library etc...and now see how much...
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