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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    I've got an internal SATA HDD, I wanna connect it to my laptop which has an eSATA port, how do i do that? is there some kinda cable for that sorta connection? lemme know please...
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    Internal Sata HDD to esata?

    I've got an internal SATA HDD, and i wanna connect it to my laptop which has an eSATA port. is there any way to connect them? can we get have any kinda cable for that? lemme know please...
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    Michael Jackson's next live performance "GROOVE IN THE GRAVE"

    Ooo, someone's offended. Listen, Mr nicey, my post already been edited, so wot u gettin all soured up at, boy? Even the title has been changed. n i dint know Mikey was ur family member, u gonna get his children's custody? or do u hafta clear up his debts, eh? @sam9s: these were the obvious...
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    Laptop suggestion

    go for HP DV5, if ur budget is 35k. if u wish to stretch the bulge in ur pockets to 45k, then HP 15.6" or 16" ones will suffice, giv it a shot. but remember to go for a 12-cell battery, i have the 6-cell one and it is pathetic, just 2hrs of normal use..the 12-cell will give u around 5 hrs plus...
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    Does HP DV5 laptop come with Vista DVD?

    Thanx a lot Unni, can u just help me with the recovery discs, how do i burn that stuff in DVD's? i just got the Vista Product Key number from under the laptop.
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    Michael Jackson's next live performance "GROOVE IN THE GRAVE"

    the news has turned me hysterical, i am all sombre and full of remorse and grief. ( I cross my heart and hope to ...err.. cry?)
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    Does HP DV5 laptop come with Vista DVD?

    I've just got my hands on the HP Pavilion DV5 laptop, its got Vista Home Premium pre-installed but there aren't any DVD's or even HP Drivers or softwares CD's, is that usual? or is my package seriously missing something? Reply ppl... my previous threads haven't recieved any replies yet...
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    Michael Jackson's next live performance "GROOVE IN THE GRAVE"

    Michael Jackson's next live performance : NEVER... Jeez...Mikey is DEAD!! Too soon n sudden !
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    I'd like to assemble a budget pc for my family who stays in hyderabad. i'm currently outside india so i need some help regarding the prices. i've checked some online prices on websites like theitwares.com, but they seem to be far from the actual market prices in hyderabad. My decided config so...
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    Buying Digital Camera :: Help needed

    giv the panasonic thingamajigs a shot... there's Panasonic FS-20, 10MP, 4x Zoom, 30mm Wide Angle lens, 848x480 Wide Screen Movies, and to top it all a huge 3" LCD. and it has a very slim profile, comfortable to hold. other models worth mentioning are Panasonic FX55, and Panasonic FX33, Canon...
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    PSP Slim n Lite Hacks?

    does all this hacking stuff actually allows us to play games for free? like, where do we get to istall the games if not frm the expensive umd's? and can we play all kinda games?
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    PSP Slim n Lite Hacks?

    i'm planning to buy the PSP for my kid bro. the black one luks gorgeous, i duno bout de other colours, heard there r 9 of 'em. anyway, the problem is i cant afford to buy expensive UMD'S for every game. i heard there are some hacks for the PSP, linux n stuff, dunno much about it. is there any...
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    Bye guys

    so much ado about nthn...
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    6500 classic

    well, he meant the 6500 Classic, not the Slider u mentioned. @INS by the way, dats a gud choice u made, its extremely classy, elegant and will stand out in a crowd. has got built-in 1GB. jus try out the keypad before buying it, it might prove taxing for some.
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    An Apple fanboy’s (my) birthday fantasy come true

    Re: An Apple fanboy’s (my) birthday fantasy come true Man..dats rude, cruel...where do u stay? i'm cumin to pounce on dat sumptuous beauty of a cake, i'm a die hard chocoholic. u say u still have a lot of it left, eh? by de way, how big was it? it sure luks huge...!
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    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1: The Return to the Mystique !!!

    If n only IF it cud've squeezed in N96 Features n dedicated music keys, n a xenon or photoflash, i wud've given it a thought...heheh!
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    Gsma 2008!!!!

    no dear, the keys are apparently music keys, take a look!
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    Gsma 2008!!!!

    N96 Dual Slider Trivia what was the need to make N96 a dual slider when it already has well placed dedicated music keys around the Navi-wheel? any idea?
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    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1: The Return to the Mystique !!!

    No dude, its gonna come after 6 months minimum. Well, the truth is Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 is a sleek gadget - compact, yet powerful. We didn't have a chance of giving it a test drive, since at this early production stage (release is due in more than 6 months) the showcased devices were...
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    Looking a Mobile for 10k-15K

    Samsung G600. 16.5k , 5MP Cam, VGA video recording, powerful flash, beautiful slim steel gorgeous beauty, 2.2" 16m display, FM Radio with radio recording, TV-out, bundled in-ear headphones and bluetooth headset etc etc. best bang for the buck!
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